VUE AdWords Backlinks?

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    Maybe im not missing anything and there aren't any backlinks for VUE as it is just single page, right? But there are links on the upper right side of the site where you can click to move through the site, like "Home" "Music" "Offers" "Contacts".

    Is it even possible to add these as backlinks on AdWords, as i can see it provides such feature?

  2. AlienMusic

    28 Dec 2017 User since 2015 + 397 RP

    Hey' @soundrecipemusic',

    Backlinks are your links on an external page that refers to your page. Are you asking about how to use /contacts, /offers, etc. as site extensions on AdWords?

  3. SkillyMusic

    31 Dec 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 + 2504 RP

    '@AlienMusic' yeah I think that's what he meant. I think you can't optimize the individual parts on your VUE page, because google doesn't see them as individual pages. Therefore you can't find them on google even if you use quotation marks. I think this lack of seo features within vue is one of the reasons soundgine implemented the blog feature. But correct me if I'm wrong' @Soundgine'

  4. Soundgine

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    '@SkillyMusic' is correct, it's all one page built for speed and a minimal no-nonsense approach. The links you see above cannot be separated into different pages, but that's not a bad thing. if you are looking for SEO, think about getting the blog from the Soundgine store and build content.

  5. chrisville

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    Use your blog to write informative posts, for both artists and producers etc if your article is credible enough bigger sites will link to your informative post(s) = backlink ... nofollow links have little credit but dofollow link backs are perfect. Use google webmaster to see who links to you


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