*****New Track "Doppelganger"*****

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    Feedback always welcome...

    Enjoy ;)

  2. beatsbyoyo

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    Much better high end balance if I may compare it with your previous beat that I commented on.
    Nice switch on 2:00 but your stereo spectrum is somewhat "dirty" there because the mid frequenties of the distorted synth interfere with the guitar. EQ + M/S recheck will do there.

    Overall it's a very fresh beat, I like it :) .

    /Offtopic: do you mix on headphones?

  3. an0nym0u5beats

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    Hey' @beatsbyoyo' thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

    I mix on a pair of Yamaha HS80's with matching sub, and I also reference on a pair of DT770's

  4. beatsbyoyo

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    Nice! I'm thinking about getting the 80 Ohm DT770 as well for mixing but I'm not sure since I already have good studio monitors. Do you regret buying it as in do you think there is a better alternative for that headphone?

  5. an0nym0u5beats

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    '@beatsbyoyo' I dont even know how many years I have had these now, they were over $400 when i bought them, thats how old they are lol. Its def time to replace them, the cushion part is way worn out and they dont sound as clear as they used to.

    I'll most likely replace them with the DT 1770 but iv also heard great things about the Focal spirits. I dont do much "mixing" per say in my headphones, mostly just a quick check/reference for stereo imaging and to see how the bass translates to headphones.

    I actually want to replace my main monitors with the Focal Twin 6be's, the clarity in those speakers is unreal!


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