Iphones not working with player beats are not playing

  1. last year

    Hey guys just wanted to know why iphones are not playing my beats every customer with says the same thing that the beats are not playimg im missing alot of sales can you guys please fix the problem andriods work fine iphones are not working while trying to play my beats

  2. Soundgine

    9 Dec 2017 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17409 RP


    I am accessing your mobile link which is

    Tested on an iPhone using the latest iOS 11.2 with no issues at all.
    We also tested it on the new iPhone X and no issues there either.

    We even tested it with the Chrome browser for the iPhone, no issues there either.

    Which iPhone do you own, do you have the latest software update?
    Keep in mind iPhones will not autoplay.

  3. Jaytay

    9 Dec 2017 User since 2015 + 287 RP

    Bro, works for me.

  4. _pm

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    He must mean autoplay that Apple has disabled, thanks Apple.
    My mobile player is working perfectly fine.


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