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  1. last year


    30 Nov 2017 User since 2017 Tampa, FL + 20 RP

    Not sure if this has been discussed anywhere, however i have read some threads and have not come across it just yet. Is there a way to set a link in the menu of our VUE to go back to our main website that we might already have. Currently my website is and on there i created a link that's in the menu (Beat Store) that will take me to my VUE, however there's no way for the customer to get back without typing in my website again. Please help any one. I'm new to using Soundgine and so far i like it, this is my only concern at the moment!

  2. Jarvis

    1 Dec 2017 Administrator User since 2016 Los Angeles + 873 RP

    Hello' @hit3c' and and completely different websites so you can't really mend them as one. VUE is self-contained as one website and the main navigation links are designed to focus on VUE.

  3. _pm

    1 Dec 2017 User since 2016 + 582 RP

    Just get rid of
    your VUE website is better anyway and having 2 websites is just plain confusing for customers.

  4. maddmannmuzik

    1 Dec 2017 User since 2016 Aiken, S.C. + 667 RP

    i agree with' @_pm' two websites would be a little confusing. maybe you could set your other site up as more of a click funnel to your vue page. If it were not for the other things i wanted to do SEO wise id be strictly vue. but if you were comfortable with your setup, maybe you could just add a "href" link on the page somewhere. gives you a backlink and does somewhat close to what you require.

  5. hit3c

    1 Dec 2017 User since 2017 Tampa, FL + 20 RP

    '@Jarvis' I'm not looking to mend them. I have a tab on my menu titled "PK" that links to another website. This is all i'm looking for.

  6. hit3c

    1 Dec 2017 User since 2017 Tampa, FL + 20 RP

    '@_pm' I'm in no way getting rid of as most of my clients utilize it and i have complete control of everything i do and offer. Vue looks better for selling beats online, however that is not my main focus. That is an additive to what i offer. I don't feel it would be confusing since i do not have multiple beat stores. If i was only looking to make money from online artists and only getting clients through my online beats i would drop the other with no problem, however that isn't my goal. Only looking to add an option in the menu of VUE that can be a link. If there's no way, then im completely fine with that.


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