Legacy x Dr Dre Type Beat - Feedback Needed

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    How's going, im looking for some feedback regarding my new Dr Dre type beat, i have two Dr Dre type beats right now and would like to make more of these in the future.

    Legacy x Dr. Dre Type x AFTERMATH x Instrumental

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  2. DreClem

    28 Nov 2017 User since 2017 + 251 RP

    Sounds good man

  3. DreClem

    28 Nov 2017 User since 2017 + 251 RP

    What program you use?

  4. '@DreClem' Thanks, i use Adobe After Effects for audio spectrum in the video.
    My DAW is FL Studio and i do master in Ozone 8 standalone.

  5. beatsbyoyo

    29 Nov 2017 User since 2017 + 226 RP
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    Did you use the master assistant?' @soundrecipemusic'

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    '@beatsbyoyo' Well i use master assistant to shave off some time on compressing the sound but then i EQ and stuff like that myself. Sometimes mix turns out balanced to the point that EQ won't move one bit but i like to change stuff to my liking.

    That being said i still have lot to learn when it comes to master but it mostly comes with time sadly. I can listen to my older beats right now and hear how horrible they sound mix, master wise. Probably will listen to the stuff i did now years from now and will think the same, if i progress though :)

  7. Okay, well I had some time so I listened to your beat on multiple devices. I'd lower the volume of the snare+clap a bit. The high freq's of it will kill your ears on earbuds and with vocals on top it might come off a little dirty. Bass is nicely balanced, which I find the most important part of a hiphop beat to make it sound good. You did a very good job imo, nice stereo balance too' @soundrecipemusic'

  8. maddmannmuzik

    1 Dec 2017 User since 2016 Aiken, S.C. + 667 RP

    '@soundrecipemusic' dope beat. I agree with beatsbyoyo those high frequencies to bite a little. Are you using the multiband compressor while mastering? it definitely has that thick dre type feel to it. enjoyed listening to it. Im just happy to see the producers using the' @Soundgine' platform actually care about their sound. the other platforms you have some of the most simple sounding beats ever made. I knock no one for their creativity. But, we make music over here.

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    '@beatsbyoyo'' @maddmannmuzik' Thanks for the input! It's always great to have other producers hear your tracks that can guide you on the right path :)

    I don't use multiband compression often honestly. I use some EQ on the drums, compression bit of saturation, waves Rbass on the kick it depends on the beat.


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