Dangers Of Facebook Groups, Music Promotion Tips

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    Not sure if you ever joined a Facebook Music group, but woh, let me tell you there's nothing but music posting zombies in there. Seriously! Recently it has come to the point that if you are not the admin of the group, there is no control of what people post, how they post, and what they comment. This makes it hard to genuinely post your content expecting any sincere feedback. I wrote this post to assist you in gaining the best possibility of getting your content viewed and increase engagement.

    I'm in multiple Facebook Music groups and I've now come to realize the it's only worth posting and crossing my fingers that someone actually sees it and plays the content. But I've realized that this atmosphere was was induced because most producers/artists only post their music, but no content that is information or worthy of clicking.

    Here are a few suggestions to help you get more exposure:

    1. Give sincere feedback on other artists/producers posts. So many times I have seen people post the same comment (copy & paste) on multiple posts. This is honestly ridiculous and I laugh to myself every time I see this, because someone really thinks this is a good way to promote (if this is you, I mean no disrespect). But the best way to gain trust and build a platform for engagement is to provide quality feedback to other individuals. This is how the world works, just because we are using an online platform, does not mean that we are no longer humans.

    2. Provide Quality. Unfortunately, these music groups have way to many artists who just don't know how to promote. They post their links then move on to the next post. They don't care about what you or anyone else posts, this makes Facebook Music Groups a wasteland of useless text characters and links. The only way to counter this, is by providing quality posts. I would suggest making beat making videos, video recordings of yourself in the booth, and probably a short video on how you choose topics to write about. This type of information is what I like to consider as "reverse engineering". Instead of posting what everyone else likes and promoting music to artists, post something that everyone can benefit from. If a Producer posted something about how to make Beat tapes or drum kits, I would be more inclined to click that link rather than a video with a still image. Think about this concept next time you enter a Facebook Music Group.

    3. Stop the Madness. What I'm about to tell you has worked for me and I think it is vital to the future of how we promote in these groups. One day, I was just about to post some content in a Facebook group and I noticed that there were individuals who commented their music link on everyone's posts without giving any feedback. It was a copy & paste message and anyone who is in the group who scrolls down can see that this message was indeed copied. I posted a comment underneath the individual and told him that the way he is promoting is bad, that he is hurting the integrity of his brand by doing it that way. I told him that if he needs some advice or looking to learn some things about promotion to hit me up in a message. He hits me up in my inbox and asks me what I can help him with and these few moments I was able to give him pure gems of information.

    What I told him was, each time you copy and paste a message (especially in one forum or facebook group) you are lowering it's engagement power. The reality is in music is that it's all about relationships and how you exploit it to get your music heard. If you give positive feedback, provide quality content to assist other artists/producers you will be surprised at how much they will see you as an authority in that line of work. As well as be more interested in checking out your work. This is a slower process of marketing, but it works. Relationships is all about trust, and people pay who they trust. As producers, we need that trust factor, it is one of the sole fundamental things that allow us to get paid for our services. If people can't trust us, then we won't get paid - Simple.

    4. Stop Promoting music to other artists or producers. Ultimately, since these rooms are so saturated with artists and producers, when you post your music, it will most likely get over looked. How does this help your brand? How does this get you paid? If I'm a producer and I promote my music to other producers, why would I be mad when I don't make sales? Same goes for artists. These groups should be more used for relationship building and music related support. There are a few producers who make sales in these groups, don't get me wrong, but they are a very small portion of the community that do. ON top of that, they are posting almost every hour of the day in those groups to keep themselves at the top of the feeds. If you have the time and will-power to use you resources for that, then go ahead. But most times it is a losing battle.

    In closing, I would just like to say that building relationships is what gets producers paid. Those who have been doing this for a while know that those custom beat orders are mostly from customers we have sold to or spoke to over and over and have built a very good relationship with. So I hope this post helps someone and if it does be sure to share it with others who may need to read it.

    Always remember: Be You, Be Legendary

    Happy Selling,
    Legendary Beatz

  2. Helix

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    God, Facebook groups has become the ghetto swapmeet of posts.

  3. [deleted]

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    Well... it depends on how you use them. If for instance, the three of us set up a facebook group, it would have a lot more value... because there wouldn't be spam.

    But when you jump in some random group with thousands upon thousands of random ass people, then yeah, it's spam heaven full of f$%cking idiots who don't realize that spamming like that is soo 10 years ago.

  4. Griffin

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    If you intent to keep the group private I suppose but then the visibility is limited which defeats the purpose in getting your stuff noticed.

    Leave it public and expect your group to be a "ghetto swapmeet of posts" in months unless you clear your group regularity which will eventually become a hassle.

  5. legendarybeatz

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    haa' @Griffin '; exactly. and yea' @Helix '; it's sad. But we can change it if we all provide more quality content and feedback.

  6. countmorris

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    Good post here legendary. I actually just recently started using Facebook again and joined a couple groups. Boy your not lieing about these groups being over saturated. Other than the fact that its a spam fest and most of the content is GARBAGE, it has however helped me out ALOT.

    What I do is just put up a post in these groups saying " I have 20+ FREE Beats for dedicated artists. Message me or drop your email below to gain access!"

    I almost never actually put my links up or my content because I use Facebook strictly to get emails. I just started using this tactic 3 weeks ago and I've gotten HUNDREDS of emails. My email list is now at about 4,000 emails (verified beat buyers/consumers)

    Emails are far more valuable than a couple likes on your Facebook post. Having these emails will allow me to build a long term relationship with artists and still gives me a way to promote my website and product without having to go through all the Facebook spamfest groups.

    Hope this helps anyone who's reading!

    -Count Morris

  7. OxygenBeats

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    '@countmorris' I agree. There's so much spam. But I think if you offer value to others instead of just saying "check me out, check me out, buy my shit, play my shit, share my shit with everyone, check me out, cmon", and if you get creative with it, then there's a lot of value to be had.

    And it's ripe for the taking right now because not too many people are very creative or good with their marketing, and are unsure about how to use tools like facebook to do so.


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