Funnels - how customers find those?

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    I might be a bit confused with how funneling works exactly. I know the basic premise, making customer to take a set of actions one being preferably a purchase or just an email address. We can even set up funnel pages for the visitors to take action and sign up or buy from us.

    But how do customers find those funnels we created?
    I understand, that at its basic our websites work as funnels to the degree too. But how people actually find those funnels/website? That is something i can't wrap my mind around right now lol

    I know there are things like SEO etc. But it would be really interesting to see it from the perspective of the customer.

    I remember someone, i believe it was Legion mentioning he used some sort of bot or program to get people following him on twitter and it send them an automated message with the link to one of his funnel sites. But wouldn't that bot just follow random people and not just artists?

    Now i can't believe that it's the only way of doing it.
    I think that for producers like me, with zero following and non existant mailing list it may get extra-hard to get any attention, definitely not short term.

  2. sontwisted

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    You run ads offering something for free of value in exchange for signing up
    The legions service follows and unfollows accounts based on targetting

  3. sontwisted

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    The easiest way to do it make a post on facebook asking rappers to leave their emails to get a free beat or search leave your email for free beats and scrap the emails from all the posts that come up then email everyone who responds with a link to your squeezepage where they have to sign up to get the free beat done

  4. That's actually a good idea, basically going around facebook groups, there must be some groups where rappers are engaged, right? :) Thanks for the reply!

  5. an0nym0u5beats

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    '@soundrecipemusic' I have programmed my Twitter Bots to follow people via a specific hashtag like, "#rappers" for example. I switch it up every month or so and usually get a 2:1 ratio of following/followers from it.
    I have my BeatBot post every 5 min, 24/7, 365, advertising my beats with links to my website, youtube and soundcloud page. Its nice to have something like this that i can "set it and forget it" so i can focus on other things, like work and family ;)
    The good news' @soundrecipemusic' is that you are already ahead of the game if you are thinking about things like this and asking those questions. Its like the kid who puts his music up on iTunes and wonders why the money is flooding in...when he's not done a day of promoting or played one show in his life.

    I think having a good split of online advertising and real life advertising is a good way to go in the beginning. You will find out very soon that the real life promoting goes much further and has a much higher pay out. At least thats how its always been for me.

  6. Well as of now i still don't plan to use any hardcore marketing tools. I still have lots to do, finishing and increasing number of my beats. Learning then applying the knowledge. One thing at a time.

  7. sontwisted

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    '@soundrecipemusic' dont use facebook groups for growing your list there are way too many producers in them trying to find rappers you wont get engagement
    like that just either make a post or search for other producers posts offering beats for emails


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