Hydra Makes Website Headers Obsolete?

  1. 2 years ago


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    Now that Hydra has a built-in header, I'm wondering if having a full header image on my website makes sense now. it' always been well known that although you want to be fancy, the main goal is to have customers look directly at your store.

    Having essentially 2 headers might be too much now, thoughts?

  2. an0nym0u5beats

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    Iv always thought those "flashy" banners were distracting or trying to make up for lack of good website content. And its usually considered bad practice if someone on a laptop has to scroll down to actually get to the meat of the website.

    just my 2cents ;)

    Anyone else craving a slurpee?

  3. Edited 2 years ago by soundrecipemusic

    In my opinion, website header is the face of your website. I would never hide that. Good website header should convey a visual message and if it is visually pleasing and unique, it subconsciously tells the buyer what your business is all about too.

    But to each his own, it may work better. But seriously, why i would want someone who doesn't even bother to scroll down the screen to come to my site, they probably wouldn't even bother to check my products lol :)

  4. maddmannmuzik

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    Its crazy but im actually trying this idea right now. well at least until i finish the header im working on. Im not sure but isnt a header necessary for optimizing "above the fold" content as far as SEO is concerned? Would be cool if hydra functioned the same as a header. looks quite nice to me and it has actually lowered my bounce rate.

  5. '@maddmannmuzik' man I've seen your website and it looks dope! Professional if you ask me :) Now I see you changed it a bit, with white background looks interesting.

    As for SEO im not sure what role header image plays in that though.

    I might give it a shot as well to see how visitors responds but first i need visitors lol

  6. maddmannmuzik

    22 Nov 2017 User since 2016 Aiken, S.C. + 667 RP

    '@soundrecipemusic' ive been trying a new thing called "sogro". Been sending alot of traffic to my page. it gives you a 10 day free trial. I also get alot of traffic from the avid website, facebook, twitter, and alot of other places. also check out something called semrush. It gives you backlink suggestions and things to optimize your site for keywords.

  7. grim

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    I think a good solution is to add a thinner header. I've seen headers that take up half the page.
    A header that is half the size is a great sweet spot.


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