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    Hey guys and gals i have a question regarding MailChimp integration. As I created my MailChimp account already and set it up with Soundgine, how one does use that thing? How do you get people in the mailing list beside advertising and giving out free beats?

    Do customers get automatically integrated into your mailing list when they purchase anything from you?

    If I understand it correctly you manage your mailing list from inside MailChimp/Aweber admin panel to send out mails to your subscribers, not Soundgine panel.

    I know that it may sound dumb but it's really the first time i do any e-commerce in my life.

  2. Breeze

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    This will explain the mailing list, the only difference is the Mailchimp link is in "Beat & Music Tools" You have to create the lists in Mailchimp first, and once you connect your API key, those lists will show up.

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    Thanks i got to get going with this one :)

  4. sontwisted

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    The only way to legally get people on your mailing list is to offer them something that makes them want to opt in


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