Hydra (Test Drive)

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    28 Oct 2017 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17601 RP
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    Ready to Test Drive Hydra?


    Hydra is now available to test drive. This is the final beta release and close to 100% completion. Everything works including beat checkout and all the main functionality is there, we just need to tweak some graphical elements and fix any reported bugs. If you are anxious and want to see it in action, view it here

    A final release of Hydra will be on November 2nd

    Here are the release notes:

    1. 50% faster load speeds. This is a godsend for everyone really but especially those with a bigger beat catalogue

    2. Video Headers. You can now add Youtube headers on your player, you can even add separate videos for each beat. Change the opacity of the video and you can change the color of the backplate behind the video, blend away guys.

    3. In-Cart Memory. When a user adds beats to your cart they will stay there even if they close the browser or refresh the page for any reason. This is similar to how Amazon or big box online retailers do it.

    4. Favorites. We made it better. Now when a user favorites a beat, it will create a list on the left-hand side that will save the favorite. This list will not go away if they close the browser or refresh. This is ideal for repeat customers to access what they favorited before

    5.Full Header Spectrum. Bigger across the header with bigger customization options. One of the coolest options is called "Auto detect from Album Art) This option will pick a color from your beat thumbnail and use that as the spectrum color

    Other options are to keep it a solid color or use the gradient used in the M7 player.
    We also give you the ability to kill the spectrum all together

    6. Request Custom. Some producers rely heavily on custom orders, so we created a built-in form where customers can request your services whether it's a custom beat, mastering, etc. The request custom form includes a section for the customer to submit "links" of inspiration, email, telephone, a text field to add a description of the project and a set budget field

    You can set a minimum budget allowed in your admin panel.

    7. Better "View Deal" notification

    8. Added a 5th license

    9. Deal requests. Some customers may not know of your coupon code so now a link to contact you for a code is now built into the player in the deal window.

    10. Retina ready fonts and elements. We used web elements so your icons and fonts look sharp on all types of resolutions.

    Short Overview

    Setting Up Hydra

    Embed Codes & VUE Setup

  2. Soundgine

    28 Oct 2017 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17601 RP

    '@sontwisted' I'll get the mobile view within 24 hours, right now only the desktop is activated. The higher the quality the more it will slow down anything online. That being said we have high-quality images for the header and beat thumbs and it doesn't impact the player load much.

    Youtube headers should be HD quality and header images should be 1224 x 324 pixels.

  3. Griffin

    28 Oct 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 Colorado + 1080 RP

    Hot damn! That looks slick as hell!

  4. Soundgine

    29 Oct 2017 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17601 RP

    Forgot to mention, you can link individual youtube video headers for each beat.

    Navigate to where you upload your beats, click on the Youtube icon and put in the Youtube video ID number



  5. Breeze

    29 Oct 2017 User since 2015 London + 846 RP

    I'm dying over here! LOL!
    ITS so gorgeous! Thank you!!!!!!

    If I start custom setting up the player now, will I lose all setting when you push the final release?

  6. Soundgine

    29 Oct 2017 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17601 RP


    Great question. You will not lose any settings, so customize away.

  7. musicbox

    29 Oct 2017 User since 2014 Barcelona, Spain + 923 RP

    The memory in-cart thing is gold!

  8. PixelSashay

    29 Oct 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 2 4 6 + 2431 RP

    ~I can't hop on my computer right now but when I do. . .


  9. 80z

    29 Oct 2017 User since 2015 + 863 RP

    '@PixelSashay' Know how you feel, I'm stuck watching the World Series, rather be home setting up Hydra.

  10. PixelSashay

    29 Oct 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 2 4 6 + 2431 RP

    ~Ahh haha (o^_^o)

  11. an0nym0u5beats

    29 Oct 2017 Power Contributor User since 2016 Los Angeles + 1969 RP
    Edited 2 years ago by an0nym0u5beats

    '@Soundgine' i'll see if i can break it ;)

    Awesome props to you guys, so much more than what i was expecting and way above and beyond what other beat stores are offering, and my load times are waaaaaaaay faster!!!

    Is there a way to disable our artist name that displays over the track cover and title? Oh and whats the strange "Girl" image on the menu slide out?

    Also, when we find bugs, whats the proper procedure for reporting them? In here, different thread, special @ sign?

  12. Soundgine

    29 Oct 2017 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 17601 RP


    Break it! We'll be right behind you think a broom and pan...we won't even get mad.

    Thanks so much for your kind words, means a lot since we put in tons of work. :-D

    The beat title and artist title can't be removed, we don't have plans to have an option to remove it at this time unless we have a large demand for it.

    The girl image in the filters panel is indeed a bug, it should have your log on there instead, so that goes in the bug list.

    You can post all bugs here, no need for a @.
    If the bug is a security bug, then a private message will be appreciated.

  13. PixelSashay

    29 Oct 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 2 4 6 + 2431 RP

    @musicbox' The memory in-cart thing is gold!

    ~More like diamond lol (o^_^o)

  14. maddmannmuzik

    29 Oct 2017 User since 2016 Aiken, S.C. + 667 RP

    '@Soundgine'' @Codemaker' Im not sure if this effects the ones who use Vue, but as I use the player on my external site Im unable to add expire tags for any of the players. Gtmetrix and a few other SEO utilities are kicking out the usual crap about it. Im not sure if its something I can do on my end, of course though im not even sure if you can set expire tags for a script that is embedded. Heres what it is saying is giving me problems.

    Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources:

    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/euplayer/ap/images/MADDMANNMUZIK-WEBSITE-LOGO.png (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/euplayer/ap/images/default-thumb.jpg (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/euplayer/ap/mp3s/maddmann%20airbit%20tag.mp3 (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/hydra.min.js (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/icomoon.css (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/images/NEW-WEB-ICON-LOGO.png (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/images/creditcard-checkout.png (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/images/grey.gif (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/images/paypal-checkout.png (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/images/searchIcon.png (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/images/snapchat-big.png (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/images/star-off.png (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/images/star-on.png (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/js/jquery.cookie.js (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/js/jquery.knob.js (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/js/jquery.raty.js (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/styles.min.css (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@MADDMANNMUZIK/hydra/theme.css (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@imrantest123/euplayer/ap/thumbs/a1155404764_2.jpg (expiration not specified)
    https://soundgine.com/@imrantest123/euplayer/ap/thumbs/a1739426881_2.jpg (expiration not specified)
    https://checkout.stripe.com/m/lib/images/popover-arrow-d5e6cb2225f0f72ed3f05cfa2a48c1df.png (5 minutes)
    https://checkout.stripe.com/m/lib/inner-975baddac6a374ad033fdc34a9226a03.css (5 minutes)
    https://checkout.stripe.com/m/lib/inner-be64e0c3627044f9b350f294ab5c215c.js (5 minutes)
    https://js.stripe.com/v2/ (5 minutes)
    https://static.doubleclick.net/instream/ad_status.js (15 minutes)
    https://www.google-analytics.com/plugins/ua/linkid.js (1 hour)
    https://i.ytimg.com/vi/BzE1mX4Px0I/hqdefault.jpg (2 hours)
    https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js (2 hours)

    Ive tinkered around with the caching plugin on my wordpress site, and also the caching on the server side with no luck. It did the same with the M7 player also.

  15. an0nym0u5beats

    29 Oct 2017 Power Contributor User since 2016 Los Angeles + 1969 RP

    Noted' @Soundgine' ;)

  16. itbangz

    29 Oct 2017 Power Contributor User since 2016 + 1528 RP
    Edited last year by itbangz

    Let me quickly get through. Need to mention that I like everything except mentioned below, and you guys did a great job!

    1. when I first saw screenshot, I was hoping that playing will be full-width, without white stripes on the sides. And that this panel will be "fixed to bottom of the screen" so when you scroll all licensing and stuff, you can still see track info and buttons: (attached image)

    2. links in "about me" section are not working.

    3. checkout text (bug1.png)

    4. Some youtube videos not working (those with "_" symbol in link?? ) (youtube____.png)

    5. share button on playing beat not working.

    6. only first ~ 25 beats loaded. Edit: after update there are loaded, but process is not smooth as you keep scrolling whole site instead of just player.

    7. girl image https://soundgine.com/@imrantest123/euplayer/ap/thumbs/a1739426881_2.jpg after menu opening

    8. Black border over "play" button looks ugly. (as for all other buttons its absent)

    9. no "hot" , "new" labels on tracklist itself (desing333.png)

    10. artist name look ugly too (design333.png) - ability to change style from expert CSS ??

    11. Any way to change player header on mobile version?

    12. No terms for free downloads - i dont know if accepted terms by default is good thing

    13. No autoplay on macbook air + safari

    14. When you scroll beat list, there is ~1 pixel stripe of video visible (scroll.png)

    15. Play button from "most played" section not working

  17. killtraxxx

    29 Oct 2017 User since 2017 SF + 662 RP

    I absolutely love it! I switched between Hydra and M7 and showed my friends and NOBODY picked M7 over Hydra. It's clean, simple and powerful. Just have 2 suggestions.

    1. Make the sold button darker
    2. remove the black circle under the play button

    You guys went WAY beyond what I expected!

  18. killtraxxx

    29 Oct 2017 User since 2017 SF + 662 RP

    @PixelSashay' ~More like diamond lol (o^_^o)


    My customers are loving the memory on Favorites, it's like a locker where they can come back and buy, so well thought out.

  19. sontwisted

    29 Oct 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 Brooklyn NY + 2249 RP

    How do we add the fifth license

  20. killtraxxx

    29 Oct 2017 User since 2017 SF + 662 RP


    Settings > Custom License Name

    then add the names of your licenses, once you do they will add to your beats page
    I know Soundgine will update that part on final launch, asked them yesterday.

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