Hello Everyone, I'm New Here.

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    Hi everyone!
    I wanted to take the time to introduce myself. Like many other newcomers, I too have learned a lot and found inspiration just from reading all the content on this forum. You guys have been a valuable source of info and advice.

    2015 is a great year for me. My son was born in February, I'm getting married on the 27th of next month and I will be taking my fiance's beautiful 5-year-old daughter as one of my own. More in regards to music, I've played the piano for 18 years and have been making beats for 11 years now. After 11 years of investing money and time studying and mastering the craft, I've finally made the decision to invest in the marketing side of the business, that is my website, Soundgine services and other things you may have discussed In regards to promotion. I'm kicking myself in the ass for not starting sooner, but I believe my time was well spent improving on my skill and product overall.

    With the powerful tools available to me, hard work, time and dedication, and success stories from you and others I'd like to believe all things are possible. That being said, as a beginner in promotion, I've also felt discouraged of my situation. I've already mentioned my young family, which means, naturally, I will provide for them. I've been working a full time job and one part time job for over 5 years now. We're not hurting financially, but it is necessary to pay the bills, feed the family and pay for Soundgine all at the same time.

    I apologize for such a long introductory, but I do have concerns you may be able to shed light on. Something I've read several times is that consistency is key. I agree that being consistent with adding new content (e.g. beats, how to's, blogs) for potential customers is important. Unfortunately, as you may already have guessed, I simply don't have time (any more) to, say for example, finish a new beat every week. Sometimes I'll finish one every other week and sometimes once a month, but I do get some downtime at work to write blogs, read this forum and tweak my website. I'm avidly searching for a new job that would replace both of my current employers so that I can make more time for a potential music career. I understand that I may not see hundreds or even just tens of dollars for a long time, and I don't expect to make a killing but I hope I might find something that works for me even while being super busy. Any advise you have for my starting out with a bit of a slower pace is appreciated, otherwise I have seen other threads on this forum that I can definitely pull useful information from. Although it's currently a small catalog of 3 beats and I just started last month, do check out Forte-Catalog.com if you have time to give me any pointers. I've been watching you all and will keep following everyone here to learn from your experiences while making my own. I appreciate you all. Thank you for reading this, and have a great day!

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    '@Forte-Catalog' Welcome! Nice introduction! :)

    When I was thinking about your current situation what came to mind is this: If you don't have that much time to sit at home in front of your computer to do online marketing stuff, what you could do is take your jobs and everything else you have to do out there to your advantage. I don't know about your job, but definitely tell your co-workers about your website and your services. Seems obvious but many people who have a private business miss this oportunity, cause they are too shy or don't want their other co-workers to know what they REALLY love/care about ;) Your co-workers for example might not need any beats, but maybe they'll tell someone else/meet someone who needs beats. Happens more often than one thinks.
    You could have your own business cards that you could put out there. Maybe at your office as well. If there are clients entering and leaving the office, they might see it. Sometimes this seems so non-productive because one might think that there are so many flyers and cards out there, people don't even care no more. But actually this is not true. There are many people that are just interested in things/other businesses/whats going on around them, that they often have a look at those things (cards/flyers). They might grab one, have a look at it. Maybe they'll throw it away, maybe they'll keep it. It's not a killer marketing move, but worth a try, especially in your situation.
    If you own a car and drive a lot, maybe put your business information on your car. Everytime you drive around in your car, you promote your business...for free.

    Also if you have played the piano for 18 years, I'm sure you made some friends/connections with people in the industry or people that are associated with music in one way or another. Maybe get in touch with them again to make something work. Maybe you played at events (bars,concerts) ? Go back there and spread your cards/flyers/tell them about your site. Maybe you have friends that once used your "service" as a piano player for free. Maybe it's time that they give something back. Give and take you know :)

    A lot of maybes here and I guess it's not the type of advice you were looking for. It's kind of oldschool marketing if you will. But anyways I just thought I'll share my thoughts and welcome again! :)

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    Thanks for the greeting and your ideas!

    I guess I've been worrying so much about online marketing that while it is important, I shouldn't underestimate the power of the "old school" word of mouth even to those who aren't looking for beats.

    I thought the car advertisement was an interesting and clever way to advertise beats for free. I'll definitely consider ordering custom magnets soon.

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    First off welcome to the forum, it's like family in here.

    Two things right off the bat that need to be addresses. You need a bigger collection of beats and there's absolutely no way around that. I sometimes can hired for software based projects and I go through what I call "Hell week" where I explain to my loved ones that I have to work and get this done. Letting them know that this is benefit them as well. Find a way to get a bigger collection, if you don't everything else you do may not matter.

    Secondly, Put your player on your homepage. I can to click on something else to get to your collection. I saw an internet stat that said that 75% of people that don't find what they are looking for on the homepage leave.
    @SkillyMusic' has some valid points. Human interaction is very power

    Lastly, don't stop at beats. Get out of your comfort zone and create movie soundtracks, sound effects for movie trailers or just sound effects in general, create sound packs for software, make EDM and other genre based beats (the more diverse genres, the bigger your audience) You are at an advantage since you are a piano player, exploit that. Make some beats that have heavy piano, have your own style on some of them.

    Build-up your social media presence via Facebook fanpage and Youtube.
    Working "smarter" not more is the key.

    For a lot of people making a full time income is a goal but it's not an easy one but there's people that make a good residual monthly income, $200-300 for example. $300 may not sound like alot but its a ton of money when it comes to paying off bills and its a nice chunk off rent.

    Again welcome, and don't be afraid to interact and ask. We are all here together.

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    '@Forte-Catalog' Thanks for taking part and welcome to the forum!

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    '@Forte-Catalog' Welcome! You don't have a lot up, but what you have up sounds really cool! :D

  8. Forte-Catalog

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    Thank you for the advise. When I looked to other websites for examples, I often wondered whether or not it was better to have the player on my homepage. EVERYONE has it on the homepage, and you pretty much validated the reasoning for it and it makes complete sense. I'm going to change that soon as I get a chance.

    And I agree, because its in my title, its ironic that my collection isn't quite the "catalog" yet. I've decided I was going to start from scratch instead of uploading a bunch of beats I've previously given out exclusively to local artists. One thing I've noticed from a few websites, however is that some have TONS of beats posted which is awesome. BUT, I made a mental note to myself (and maybe its because I am not personally searching for beats to buy) was that I only played and enjoyed probably 2-3 out of 4 beats I played and in turn moved on. That leaves 20-50 beats unheard by the visitor. I thought maybe I would slowly build a catalog of 10-20 strong instrumentals. If a beat gets a lot of attention, I'd keep it and if not I'd swap it out with something new. Maybe this is or isn't a good idea. Not sure yet.
    @Soundgine' '

    Thank you all for the welcome, and' @OxygenBeats' I was loving some of your tracks just the other day as a matter of fact.

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    Looks like you are in the hot list on the charts. You might want to upload a logo as it's not showing one in the charts: http://soundgine.com/charts/

  10. Forte-Catalog

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    Oh wow, thank you. That's pretty cool. Well I just tried to upload, but it won't update the photo. It says the logo size is invalid even after I tried to crop it as well as resize the original image before uploading. Not sure what to do here.

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    '@Forte-Catalog' Strange, what browser are you using? Try Google Chrome.

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    '@Soundgine' So far I've tried changing it on Mozilla Firefox, IE, and Safari on my phone. Maybe it's something I'm doing wrong. I'll try it on google chrome when I get home tonight.

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    Welcome' @Forte-Catalog' ! Good 'Ol Days is a nice jam! Got me knoddin' over here. Especially that bass! :-D


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