Logic Pro X vs FL Studio ??!

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    Hey guys just need some direction.
    I have been using Logic Pro since "X" came out and I have to admit that it is very easy to use seeing that I used to play around on GarageBand quite a bit. Someone told me that FL Studio is a way better workflow and someone else mentioned that it is phenomenal for mixing. I Just purchased FL Studio and I am both overwhelmed and confused with the set up. Compared to Logic it seems extremely cluttered, but considering the praise that FL gets I can only imagine that I am doing something wrong. Has anyone tried both programs? What do you think? Any tips for me hopping from Logic to FL? :S :S

  2. musicbox

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    Best thing you can do is try out the demo and see if you like it. I had 4 programs at one point and tried them every day, I promise you one will gel with you better.

  3. musicbox

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    '@Wheatz' said it best

    "FL FTW. It's really about how you cook. Reason, Ableton, Pro Tools, is like the mixing bowl. You still have to figure out what to put in it. There's been a few times I've gotten the "You made this on Fruity Loops?!?!"

  4. DreClem

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    Yea, I have heard that plenty of times on the past, not to mention the many producers who use FL for these hits these days. I was just wondering about the workflow and why it looked so cluttered

  5. an0nym0u5beats

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    +1 for Logic's GUI and layout vs FL studio (still not a fan of their layout), but im a Pro Tools guy so theres my 2 cents ;)

    But like' @DreClem' mentioned, they both do the same thing and can sound the same with the same libraries. So its really about whats easier in regards to workflow and feels more natural to navigate through. A "hit" is going to be a hit regardless of the DAW it was created in, the final product is what matters, not how you got there ;)

  6. beatsbyoyo

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    It's a matter of preference. DAW A won't sound better than DAW B. Just a matter of workflow. I've tried Reason, Cubase and Ableton but I liked FL Studio the most.


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