More than just beats...

  1. 2 weeks ago


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    Who here sell more than just beats? I'm thinking of selling music for trailers.

  2. Darkair

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    I think that topic has been well covered here but go for it. Apple sells more than just a phone. Expand, but go slow at first. I know people that started out selling beats and have gone on selling music for movies, tv shows etc...

    It's a smart move that more should people should start doing including me.

  3. last week


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    Go for it!

    A producer friend of mine had to convince his girl to do voicetags and now it's a bigger business than selling beats. Something @PixelSashay should try out, she's got a voice on her.

  4. PixelSashay

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    @fusion it's a good idea try it & see how it works for you. . .you might be pleasantly surprised. After all another stream of income is always welcomed right? Don't think just trailers either, if you have the time start messing around with video game, cartoon theme music etc you get the idea (o^_^o)

    @Helix I offer that service, I've been doing it for a few years just not on a large scale. Thank you for that compliment btw I'm getting there vocally. . .hopefully it shows in these new songs that I have pending to release next year (^_^)/

  5. 2 days ago


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    I sell trailer music to Sony pictures. I've almost stopped selling beats all together. I throw everything on the Soundgine player and disable the beat tab to Soundtracks.

    Remember guys, selling beats could just be the beginning to your music career.


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