Wrong MX Record?

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    Hey guys,

    I got a problem with my CONTACT form :-D .
    My e-mail is working fine when I send and receive e-mails via Outlook on my [@]beatsbyoyo.com e-mail but for some reason I don't receive the mails coming from the CONTACT form on my website. Now I guess that it has something to do with a faulty MX Record.

    Since I'm kinda new in the MX Record and DNS settings domain name stuff: can somebody please help me out?
    Here you can check online MX Records (type beatsbyoyo . com on mxtoolbox without spaces). What do I need to tell' @Soundgine'' @CodeMaker' to change my MX Record to?

    Thank you very much already,

  2. Codemaker

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    If emails are being sent and received, then there is no issue with MX records. Please check spam for contact form emails and mark as not spam.

  3. Hi, thanks for your reply' @Codemaker'' @Soundgine'! I'm testing as we speak and I use Mozilla Thunderbird as E-mail client. I'm testing with my regular e-mail address:

    beatsbyoyo [@] gmail.com
    ...and my business e-mail address:
    inquiries [@] beatsbyoyo.com

    I've sent an e-mail from my Gmail account to my business e-mail. It has arrived.
    Then I've sent an e-mail from my business e-mail to my Gmail account. That one has arrived too. So there is no latency whatsoever because they arrived the minute I've sent them.
    Now I try to send an e-mail to my business e-mail via the CONTACT form on my site. It didn't arrive on my [@] beatsbyoyo.com e-mail neither did it arrive on my Gmail account. I've checked the spam folders of both addresses.

    I've provided you the MX Record:
    ...while on mxtoolbox my MX Record is listed as:

    Now note the dot behind the MX record I've provided. Could that be the problem?
    I'm not using the Soundgine nameservers by the way, I'm only using the Soundgine IP Address to refer to my A Record in my domain DNS Settings so my domain is still being transferred towards my Soundgine page.


  4. Codemaker

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    '@beatsbyoyo' I have just reset your domain transfer in Soundgine system so that it reset DNS to default as there were some adjustments made in past. Please check if contact form email works now.

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    '@Codemaker' I've looked into the CONTACT form code and changed the receiver to a Gmail address and then the message did arrive. Now I know it's not Soundgine-sided. I've contacted my domain provider about it and I hope it'll get fixed soon. Maybe a faulty SPF Record... Thanks for your help!


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