Are we selling ourselves short?

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    I haven't seen an online producer get the same respect & notoriety as guys like Metro Boomin & Zaytoven. Hell, the majority of online guys never even show their

    In a 2011 interview, Metro Boomin went into detail about why he doesn't use Soundclick & why producers should never sell beats for $25. He said he was leasing beats for $300. I went and checked his old tweets & it was confirmed. I even saw him quoting $500 leases.

    I went back & checked Zaytoven's tweets & saw him quoting $1500 leases years ago. His protege Cassius Jay? $750 leases. I know artists are paying these prices. Meanwhile, online producers are sitting around wondering if $50 is too much for a lease.

    Zaytoven said that he gives big artists beats for free because it attracts people that want to be in the music business & then he charges them the high prices because of his brand.

    Do you think Zay & Metro would be where they are today if they continually sold beats for the cheap?

    Think about how many beats have be sold to make decent money.

    One thing to notice is that low budget beats attract low budget artists. Artists complaining about how they dont have any money or that $50 is too much for a beat probably have 0 knowledge about how to advertise & promote to actually become successful. This results in both the artist & producer not being able to prosper due to lack of awareness.

    There's more to add to this...but...what are your thoughts? Lets discuss.

  2. sontwisted

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    that sounds good but does that work today who is paying $750 for a lease when they can get exclusives for that you would have to be targeting specific artist with a specific income and limit those leases

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    This is one of the exact reasons i dont offer premium or exclusive licenses. Well technically i do because i post the license on my site, but i dont actually offer it in the beat store. If they want the beat that bad, they will contact me ;)

    I do believe you're worth what you think your worth, however with that said, we all cant come right out of the gate charging what we wish we could charge without building a name and reputation behind us.

    Build a name, then start raising and demand. Economics 101 ;)

  4. itbangz

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    I believe if you dont sell exclusives for cheap then you are good.
    For leases - the more you sell them, the more people will hear about you (theoretically), the better for building your name.

  5. This is a case of (proper) branding. I never understood why producers have deals like "BUY 10 GET 10 FREE". I understand the idea behind it but buying beats from that specific producer won't feel special and exclusive anymore at all.

    Look at it like Lamborghini's and Ferrari's: If everybody drives them, will they still create 'that exclusive and rare' car feeling? Would 'rent-a-supercar' companies still be able to make money of those specific cars? Make sure your brand does not create that 'cheap' feeling so people are going to look up to you. Buying beats from your site will have a whole other experience if you apply that concept balanced and well.

  6. an0nym0u5beats

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    +1' @beatsbyoyo'

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    '@beatsbyoyo' but those beats are not exclusive anyway


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