Power Conditioner For Your Gear?

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    ~I'm trying to figure out which power conditioner to get. Does anyone here already use any with their gear? If so how do you have yours setup as it relates to the power socket outlets. . .separate outlets or the same? I recently started getting back a lot of noise in my monitors & was wondering if that may be the cause. . .I know it could be other things as well but. . .

    I am looking at these 3 right now:

    Power Conditioners
    Furman PL-PLUS C - 15A w/Voltmeter

    Furman M-8Dx Power Conditioner

    Furman PL-8C - 15A

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    You can get the best, but most people would have to win the lottery first


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    ~Just saw the price. . .I'm like XD (o^_^o)


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    Anything Mcintosh is pure sex.


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