Keeping You Updated (Real Talk)

  1. 10 months ago


    11 Aug 2017 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 15053 RP

    We apologize for being so quiet the last few weeks and we'd like to explain (well, much as we can anyway)
    We have put 90% of our focus on Hydra and the other 10% on general bug fixes and upkeep.

    Hydra is the coolest thing we ever built and we can't wait for you guys to use it. We haven't been kidnapped and taken to Tijuana or wasting away with drugs, alcohol and cheap strippers at the Biltmore Hotel (Although it's tempting if not for one day)

    No, we have been working day and night giving you next level shiznit (As Snoop would say)
    As we get closer to launch we'll be open for Beta testing (No solid date yet)

    Thanks everyone!
    You can stop sending us "Get Well" cards.

  2. Tone

    11 Aug 2017 User since 2016 Florida USA + 575 RP

    Excited to use it, you guys always come up with great products.

  3. killtraxxx

    12 Aug 2017 User since 2017 SF + 601 RP

    Figured it was because of Hydra, I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

  4. highflown

    15 Aug 2017 User since 2015 + 609 RP

    What is Hydra?

  5. Mike

    15 Aug 2017 User since 2016 New York + 314 RP

    They are not saying but Instagram hints at a new player, but not 100% sure.


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