How many of you get sales from custom

  1. 11 months ago


    9 Aug 2017 User since 2015 London + 682 RP

    How many of you get sales not from the actual store but requests for custom beats? I don't advertise that I do custom but maybe I should. I was talking to somebody online how 90% of their sales come from custom.

  2. Mike

    9 Aug 2017 User since 2016 New York + 321 RP

    About 30% of the time, Im surprised they dont just email you, better to advertise on your website anyway.

  3. PixelSashay

    11 Aug 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 2 4 6 + 2409 RP

    ~The majority of mine are & have been custom over the years. I need to get it to be at least 50/50 though but, I will work on that after I get done with some projects that have been backed up in the last couple of months.

  4. killtraxxx

    12 Aug 2017 User since 2017 SF + 601 RP

    Same as' @PixelSashay'

    Admittingly I prefer straight sales as some people are SUPER hard to work with and should have ended up charging more.


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