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    @an0nym0u5beats and I were talking about how web design was really innovative when Flash was at it's peak. There were pioneers in the game that no longer exists. They made websites that spark emotion, now all you see is Wordpress.

    Still need to find some real web links, but here are some examples


  2. Katabok

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    Dang some awesome websites there. People really do love the free and simple things these days.

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    Its like stepping into a time machine for me, man i have some awesome memories of my flash days, I even miss macromedia and its lingo "language" lol.

    I remember when i first started learning html, there were no authoring programs, just notepad and LOTS of hours of coding. I got into it because i wanted to make a website for my band. Then i remember when dreamweaver came out, total game changer, and that was the standard for making and developing websites. Then flash hit, and it was like you could make an interactive movie for your website, it was truly groundbreaking.

    Call me crazy, but i miss frames. Was nice to have a "static" part of a website and only have the content that needed to change, change.

    Like you guys mentioned, now it just seems like the same regurgitated wordpress websites, or any other cms, all with the same "ingredients", just in different layouts. Us developers have gotten lazy and substituted creativity with efficiency and ease.

    I just keep telling myself this is only a fad, and the days of "cms" will pass and something else will emerge. Crossing fingers!!!

    Anyway, i found this cool flash site...


  4. Griffin

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    That's dope. Here's one.

    This one disturbed the shit out of me, but I also saw this site in the middle of the night with no lights.
    about 12 years ago.

  5. Griffin

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    Make sure you use your keyboard on this one.

  6. Soundgine

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    Memories for us too. Found an old 2advanced website but sadly only the main swf loads, but you can still feel the old school vibe.


  7. Jarvis

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    You guys remember Flashkit?

  8. an0nym0u5beats

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    Aww man @Griffin ; donniedarko, i havent seen that site in like 10 years! kinda reminded me of that old game Myst.

    @Jarvis flashkit was my jam! So many great tutorials and shareware there back in the day!


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