Soundkits on Soundgine Player

  1. 5 months ago


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    Hello everyone!

    I wanted to know if anyone is able to switch a tab to "Soundkit" and add their kits to the player?? Kind of like Airbit... I was wondering if that was possible here or at-least have the ability to put them with a link on the players. -image-

  2. _pm

    Jul 22 User since 2016 + 566 RP

    Yeah, Soundgine was the first to do this. Add your "Kits" to the "upload album" section similar to how Tcustomz has it set up

  3. P90Music

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    Edited 5 months ago by P90Music

    @_pm I tried but it wants me to upload all my sounds as Mp3s when they are all WAV files


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