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    Hi my name is Darran Fonseca Shelton (born December 30, 1987), known professionally as Dbagzonthebeat, I am an American music producer/rapper from a small town in Harrisburg, Oregon. Since 2008 I have created more than 500+ instrumentals. I released one full length album in 2009. One mixtape in 2015, and six instrumental mixtapes in 2016. My type of production, usually often down-tempo and experimental, has become the catalyst to my distinguished growth within the last decade. In mid 2016, I became the sole proprietor and CEO of My personal beat leasing site. I have also produced for many other different artists, all over the U.S.

    I just dropped a new instrumental. I could really use some critiquing on it. It is the first beat that plays on my music page It's called "My Competition". I truly appreciate the feedback and any support. Thank you so much. Have a great day/night

  2. Soundgine

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    Welcome to the forum' @Dbagzonthebeat'

    Nice to hear a little about yourself! Excellent music, I'll let the more experienced producers critique your beats, again, warm welcome!

  3. an0nym0u5beats

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    Great track' @Dbagzonthebeat'

    I really like the arrangement and ebb and flow of the track. Minimal start of verses, then picks up, and then has a clear defined "hook" section. This is one of my favorite structures for most hip hop beats i write myself.

    Well done ;)

  4. Dbagzonthebeat

    17 Jul 2017 User since 2016 Eugene, OR + 46 RP

    Thank you' @an0nym0u5beats', I appreciate the honest and kind words.


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