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    Hey guys! I'm new here on Soundgine and I'm a bit confused about the whole contract thing. Would be grateful if you could help me out.

    I've seen a lot of people posting examples of their contracts here but to me they look more like just general terms and conditions for all their licenses. As far as I know contracts should be made exclusively between the buyer and the seller, with the date of the purchase, their name, your name, the name of the item they bought, and their rights and your rights to this particular beat according to the license they chose. What I mean is that you don't send the exact same contract to every customer.

    How do you guys deliver your contracts? Do you just upload one document for all purchases? Do you send them manually including the date and customers name? I've heard in other beat selling services this is automated so that when someone buys your beat, the contract will include the purchase date, type of license they applied, date and all the rest. Hope you guys can help me out on this one. Thanks in advance!


  2. an0nym0u5beats

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    Hello' @ncorebeats' and welcome to Soundgine ;)

    I believe you are correct in saying that most of the contracts you see here and on other beat stores are fairly general. However, I would say that for the most part, these contracts are more than adequate and cover the majority of the more important key features of an agreement between us the producer and anyone purchasing or licensing a beat.

    Most of us will have the key elements of each contract in our pricing table, ie... If the beat is tagged, how many sales your allowed to collect and who owns what. Soundgine also allows you to upload contracts that will be delivered along with the licensed or purchased beat. This is a great feature for exactly what you are inquiring about. However, keep in mind, any lengthy or over worded contract may scare some artists/rappers away, especially when there are 1000000000 other producers selling/leasing beats with little to no content in their contracts.

    As far as dates and signatures go, I draw up a more complex contract for exclusive sales only, mainly because I am technically handing over my rights and royalties as the song writer or may want to do a point split with the purchasing party ie...rapper/artist or label.
    For your average contract selling/leasing beats, a date and signature is not required, as there are plenty of digital paper trails proving whos getting what and when and by who. Your paypal transaction and Soundgine emails are perfect examples of these, not to mention the blanket contract that was included when the 3rd party purchased/leased your beat.

    Also think about "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policies" on websites. There are no names and dates on these contracts, and they would easily hold up in a court of law.

    My advise to you, dont get too caught up on the little things. Yes its important to cover your butt with a contract, but in the end, we're selling beats here, not nuclear launch codes or the rights to a perpetual motion generator...well not yet anyway ;)

    Again, welcome to the forum and hope to see you around Janis

  3. ncorebeats

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    Hey' @an0nym0u5beats' !

    I really appreciate your response and taking time to give your answer in such depth.

    I understand and agree to your points. And what you mentioned that there are tons of producers selling beats with little to no content in their contracts, that is exactly what I don't want to be because imo that makes you look less professional at your business.

    And also, I know that I can provide a contract with each license in Soundgine, however it will not mention the buyers name, nor the name of the beat they purchased so it's kind of the same as if I would just send a link to my T&C on my website you know.

    I'm looking up to major producers that sell beats online (i.e. Allrounda) and how they license their music and write their T&C and it looks super professional and you can see they really invested time to make everything legit and clear. I understand that I'm not on the same level, not even close, however getting your contracts set up properly from the beginning I think is really essential.

    I was thinking to actually send out the contracts myself every time I get a sale, but that seems a bit tedious, so I think I will follow your advise at least for the moment as that seems the most realistic.

    Thanks again for your response! :)

  4. sontwisted

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    what you are seeing is not a contract its the terms of service or lease agreements contracts would have the signature of both you and the artist

  5. sontwisted

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    '@an0nym0u5beats' when you sell exclusives your not giving up your rights or royalties you still own the copyright and publishing unless you are expliciting selling them as well which you should not

  6. ncorebeats

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    Hi' @sontwisted' , thanks for your reply.

    To respond to your first post, that is what is confusing me, because when I think of a contract I imagine signatures and all that. How do you deliver your contracts?

  7. maddmannmuzik

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    thats what your lease/licensing contracts are for. its all automated. when they download a beat from your soundgine player the license/lease is automatically attached to it. what your might be referring to is the auto-populate script which some of the other beatstores have, but they have nowhere near the functionality of soundgine. the autopopulate script adds the name, date, time, etc to the license for you. but the transaction itself actually verifies all that. Its pretty much the way you word it. all your license is stating are the limitations of what they paid for. the email address is who it locks to which is why its important to tell the artist to use their own verified email address. exclusives you handle that the way you see fit or the player can automate that also. what i have done recently is have the player send a basic outline of the exclusive terms and then i mail 2 copies with a little more detailed sidned already by me and then the artist sends one back. they keep the other for filing purposes. all that is really necessary are your terms. if you have them on your website via a pricing table or terms a customer is seeing what your terms are and by them purchasing they are agreeing to your terms automatically. youre still covered via the transaction.

  8. sontwisted

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    '@ncorebeats' i only do full contracts for exclusives and i don't allow purchase of exclusives from my beat store they have to contact me directly then i send out the contract manually and only after i get it back signed do i accept any money for the beat

  9. ncorebeats

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    '@maddmannmuzik' Thanks for your reply. I clearly see your point and I'm starting to get a much better picture of this whole thing. I didn't think about all that before.
    @sontwisted' Thanks for that tip. I was just about to ask how you guys deal with exclusives. I think thats a very good way of handling that. But after they send you back the contract, are they purchasing the exclusive directly from your beatstore or you do that as a separate transaction through paypal and then just send them the files? If you do it through the beatstore then can you explain me the process of that?

    Thanks again guys for staying engaged. Much appreciate your support. Learning a lot :)

  10. Soundgine

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    Warm welcome to the forum' @ncorebeats'

  11. sontwisted

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    '@ncorebeats' i send them my link to send the payment then i email the files

  12. ncorebeats

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    '@Soundgine' Much appreciate!

    @sontwisted' Thanks for your answer. This really helped me a lot.


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