Waves Plugin Sale

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    Looks like Waves is having a sale right now, ton of great plugins for 50% or more off. Not sure how long some of these will last, maybe through the weekend, maybe till 4th of July?

    Single and Bundles included and they're giving even more discounts when buying 2 or more.

    For any of you guys that do your own Mixing/Mastering. I HIGHLY recommend the L2 and L3 Maximizer and MultiMaximizer bundles and the API and SSL stuff is killer. I couldn't live without either of these!


  2. countmorris

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    Yeah they've been having crazy sales for the last few weeks. I've allready got pretty much all their stuff but I've been referring producer friends to them. Waves is one of the best plugin companies, right behind UAD

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    Yeah the UAD stuff is absolutely awesome, but i would expect that from any dsp driven plugin. I run everything through my Apollo 16 quad, love tracking with plugins on the way in, nothing beats the real thing, but the UAD stuff comes really close imo.

    Im bummed that waves dropped their dsp plugin versions when they released their digigrid platform a few years back. Now there's only a hand full of plugin manufactures that support dsp right now. I get it though, with cpu's being as powerful as they are now and with as many cores as they have, no real need for it.

    UAD was very smart with their decision to do what they did, as far as proprietary dsp hardware driven plugins go, and making it avail to the "prosumer" at a somewhat affordable price point.

    They are one of the very few companies that started out doing hardware only, then making plugins modeled after their hardware.


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