Synthetic view of sales with beat name/customer address email?

  1. 2 years ago


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    I make roughly one sale a year for now.. :)
    but yet, I am surprised, I just made a sale, received an email.

    ( First thing, the link given in the mail leads to http 404 (something similar to: )
    but this is just a detail)

    My question is, I can see the "cart info", with the details about the orders, and I can also see the "payment info" with the customer details. Thanks to the transaction id, I can do a manual lookup and see who ordered what, and put this in an excel file on my computer to keep a trace...
    We receive a mail saying that Customer X ordered beats A B C, but I cannot find this synthetic information in my control panel,
    unless I do this manual lookup.

    I thought it would be nice to have a "report" where you can see everything on one line.

    Or maybe this info is there and I simply don't know where to find it (to be honest, I am always lost within this "control" panel :))

    Thanks !

    Cedric Simon


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