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    I been trying to customize my payment options.
    So, I`m trying to inset my PayPal token and I need a redirect link to place on my PayPal in order to get the token. I don't know how to get it or where it`s located at.
    I also want to unlock the credit card payment option. how do I do that?
    Can someone plz provide a link with some information on this matter?

    Thank you

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    To get the Paypal token you'll need to have a Business account with Paypal, it's free. Once your business account is active you'll be able to access: Website Preferences > Payment Data Transfer.

    Where to find that depends on what version layout you have in Paypal.
    Here's a video that shows you where it is in the old layout

    As for the credit card, sign up with Stripe
    and enter your details in your admin panel.

  3. I see I have a business paypal account already. but I see your put as a return url should I use the same?

  4. 808

    14 Jun 2017 User since 2016 + 246 RP
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    Oh no...don't use the info used in the video, that was just how to find the links. Follow the directions in your admin, it should be in the Paypal / CC section. Right above the Paypal section, there should be 2 steps.

  5. lol oh iight bet..

  6. got it. thanks a lot


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