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    Staff Pick

    You might notice a new icon in the charts and market

    Pro Feedback

    Occasionally we have employees / heads of record companies, corporate and artist playing beats on the charts and market. Some buy immediately, some save it in their "favorite list" and others want to give praise on a job well done. We have now given them the capability to give some recognition. We pay them to do various projects with us and consider them staff.

    If anybody gives you a pick, you'll see an icon by your beat, song, etc.

    Staff Picks Have Different Tastes

    All of the people that vote for your beat have different tastes and have different music backgrounds so if your beat isn't picked that just means it's not that persons style, you may be picked by someone else later. We have over 30 different companies that have interest from our market.


    Any beat that receives a "staff pick" will get a boost in rankings. We absolutely value the opinion of these creative individuals as they have produced blockbuster movie soundtracks and soundscapes, produced some the biggest albums out now, video game and commercial development, etc.

    The boost is temporary (remember we strive to have a fair system)

    Soundgine management, coding or design employees are not involved in staff ratings, only people with an extensive music background.

    Take a look


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