Don't do this as a producer...

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    DO NOT focus on just offering ONE product! Yeah your beats may be fire, and you may be making $2,000 a But what other talents can you implement? What other products can you offer? BE CREATIVE FAM! You need about 3-4 streams of income to maximize your income. How about turning that $2k per month to $10k or more? Think about it. Convenience stores sell gasoline most of the time. But they don't make that much money on it. They use it as a sort of "loss leader" to sell their other stuff like chips, drinks, beer, cigarettes, etc. They sometimes even LOSE money on gas just to get you to come in and purchase something else, even if it's a $5 purchase. So, my question is, what can YOU do to provide more value to your customers?

  2. Nuro

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    I've been saying this for years but it takes a person with the willingness to get out of their comfort zone.

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    Props to you' @Nuro' you're awesome!

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    Props! Great info.

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    (on-fire) (on-fire) (on-fire) (on-fire)

    Agreed on all points.

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