How to turn $100 into $500 with Facebook Ads

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    Alright so I'm just gonna be cool today and drop some knowledge on you peeps, because I feel there is a SERIOUS lack of marketing knowledge going around for selling beats (that you DON'T have to pay for). I can see why people charge for it, because if it's a method they came up with, they don't want everyone stealing it. But, I am always creative, always moving with the crowd(s) and always updating my methods with little twists and such. But the fundamental aspects of making money online FOR ANY BUSINESS always comes down to 3 things.


    Traffic.....this is one of the EASIEST things in the WORLD to get at ANY volume for ANY niche! Facebook, Google Adwords, Media buys, etc. I typically use Facebook because I can get interactions for like, a penny.

    PRODUCT.....if you don't have a DOPE product that sells itself, you'll NEVER sell many beats, PERIOD! You can't force people to buy what they don't want! Which is why Coke and McDonalds always roll out the new stuff, to see if it sells. If it sells, they keep it. They sort of "split test" their product's ROI to see if it's worth the investment(s).

    CONVERSIONS.....well this speaks for itself doesn't it? You always want to convert the visitor into a buyer......but there's another step before you get the sale. Collecting the lead. & yes I know of people sending cold traffic to their website and selling beats on the first visit. BUT, if these guys were building their email lists and marketing to their list properly, they would be making a LOT of money!

    TIP: Whatever your business makes, put it back into the business! This is called compounding earnings. If you made $500 from $100 in your first month, then turn that $500 into $2500 or more!!! A lot of dudes will take that $500 and go buy stupid stuff and then they're left with $500 each month because they didn't compound earnings.

    Questions? I'd be HAPPY to answer them!

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    Agree about putting funds back into your business, I think people would want to know how to set up Facebook Ads in technical terms. If you create a Youtube video that would help big time.

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    nice post! I want to believe i got the product, because when my ads are running, i got sales; but very rare sales with no ads. so its conversion thing, goal is to spend on same ads less.

    which fb ad method you find the best? i tried likes on page and redirect to site but these are expensive with no much result.

    have to try videos.

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    '@itbangz' Honestly any of them are good, depending on what you want to go for! It really IS about conversions, and with paid ads, don't be afraid to lose money! Because if you spend $300 on failed ads, but have 1 ad that brings in 500% ROI, and you scale it and spend $100, you've just recouped your loss(es).

    The trick is to create MULTIPLE ads that look similar but are different. It's called Split Testing. If you don't split test, you'll end up losing more than you make! And if the campaign fails altogether, try again with something different!

    What I typically do is, I will run a Campaign based around 1 thing. I'll make 3 ad sets with 5 ads per ad set. I'll have a total of 15 ads. 3 different ads with 5 variations of each ad.

    I'll spend $100 on each ad set, $20 per ad over 5 days. I'll find the best performing ad and then try to improve on it or tweak it until it's giving me positive ROI for sales, or a Conversion rate I'm happy with, if I'm collecting leads.

    With video, it's very possible to get clicks for pennies.

    I'm not going to go into HOW I target people on Facebook, or how to set up an ad. There's plenty of videos on how to set up ads, and there's no ONE way to target people. There's not a set formula for it, for ANY niche. It all comes down to "How can I make the best ad?" and "Will this ad give me an ROI/CR I'm looking for?"

    You have to even split test Interests with your ads!! If you find a GREAT performing ad, copy the good one 5 times and even split test interests! You may find that certain Interests will engage better than others.

    I hope this helps!


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