Bad marketing and good beats

  1. 2 years ago


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    Hey i feel i have really good beats.. can anyone confirm.. i havent sold my first beat yet
    The one i think is best is currently at the top can

  2. yonaskbeatz

    27 Feb 2017 User since 2016 + 271 RP

    What's up man, To be honest, you have a lot to improve (You remind me of myself a few years ago.. thinking I had the best beats on the web) .. your beats are really nice but you have to practice on your mixing bro! You're on the way man keep grinding!

  3. sontwisted

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    you need better sounds the patterns and melodies are good but the sounds are poor quality


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    You gotta have confidence in yourself which you clearly have. And the fact that your asking for feedback is another good sign that you're gonna do well.

    All that said, I checked out your store and you have some really good ideas, some solid drum patterns and arrangements. But as others have pointed out, your synth / VI library is definitely holding you back. Invest in some better pianos, synths & etc. there's plenty of quality stuff out there for just about every DAW.

    Also, some of your tracks take a long time to build up the beat (more than 30 seconds). I'm guilty of that myself sometimes, but generally try to remind myself to get to the meat of the beat on or before the 30 second mark. You may have a really great beat but if a customer isn't feeling your intro arrangement they may skip off to another track before they hear the full beat.

  5. sontwisted

    5 Jun 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 Brooklyn NY + 2234 RP

    Did you see any change


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