What's the #1 Thing Producers Must Know?

  1. last year


    24 Feb 2017 User since 2017 California + 268 RP

    This forum has provided me tons of wisdom, but I'm curious...if you had a son or daughter following in your footsteps, what would be the #1 piece of advice you would share? Why do I ask? I feel this answer what provoke seriously honest answers.

  2. minty

    24 Feb 2017 User since 2016 + 361 RP

    Stick to making beats if it's what you love and don't do shit jobs you'll end up regretting...like taking scores and robbing banks


  3. Nuro

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    Patience. If you lack it get out or learn how to gain it. It takes time to build brand, trust and loyalty. That has been covered extensively here on this forum.

  4. sontwisted

    24 Feb 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 Brooklyn NY + 1935 RP

    Be patient and consistent and relentless

  5. #1 thing I think is.. don't SPAM or tag people on social media. It just pisses off potential fans and clients.

    A 2nd thing I've found to work wonders, although counter-intuitively, is to not be afraid to walk away from a sale.

  6. Tyson

    1 Mar 2017 User since 2016 Hawaii + 633 RP

    Be diverse...now that Soundgine can record what users are looking for on your store it's good to branch out and create all genres of beats.

  7. 11 months ago


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    My flaw is that I get lazy and don't create for a couple of days, I guess that's not bad. I used to go weeks without making new music, that's a big no-no.

    laziness is a quitter's best friend.

  8. an0nym0u5beats

    6 Aug 2017 Power Contributor User since 2016 Los Angeles + 1940 RP

    What the masses think they want to hear ;)

  9. an0nym0u5beats

    8 Aug 2017 Power Contributor User since 2016 Los Angeles + 1940 RP

    Oh yeah, and most importantly, its all about the vocal, not the beat. Unless its crap, i mean trap, then the vocals mean nothing and the beat should be showcased ;)

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    well... be honest.
    if I had a kid I tell them. look if you really love music go for it, but do not leave school. think about what else you like to do other then music. because about 80% of musician don't make it due to lock of work and motivation so you need a back up plan and if you really want it you need to put the work into it that it requires.



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