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    19 Apr 2015 User since 1970

    So I'm just wondering how the genres are going to work in Playce, since with each of our players, we establish our own genres. If someone has a genre called "trap" and another person has a genre called "t r a p", for instance... are the beats in those going to be in separate genres?

    Or will "Playce" host a list of genres that you can select to place each individual track in? (I think this would probably be the best option)

    Or will it work some other way??

  2. Soundgine

    19 Apr 2015 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 22837 RP

    Basically there will be 2 ways you can search for "trap" genres

    1. simply type "trap" in the search bar and all beats with the trap tag will show. As the order they will show I'm not 100%, I'll have to ask

    2. There will be a dedicated genre search button where you can scroll through the the different genres. As of now it's not in alphabetical order but it will be.

    No sure why people will add trap as (t r a p) but in cases like this the spaces will be ignored.

  3. [deleted]

    20 Apr 2015 User since 1970

    Yeah, the "t r a p" was just an example. I'm just saying, people could spell genres weird or use special characters. Someone could say "trap beat" or "real trap" etc.... I'm just wondering if that'll effect the charts or not.

    So, if you have a genre called "ambient trap" or something, will that also show up under "trap"? Will the search only bring up exact results, or will it bring up anything containing the search terms? If you search for "ambient trap", will anything containing the word "trap" OR "ambient" come up? Would the genre "trap - ambient" come up?

    Just wondering. I think knowing how the genres roles work in Playce may be very important.

  4. Soundgine

    20 Apr 2015 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 22837 RP

    Great question.

    The keyword typed will access anything containing the search term, not just an exact match. Let's take your "trap beat" for example. This is how it will look:


    I see genre tagging being super important. I'm seeing people use famous artists, and their own producer names being used as tags. Using famous artists as tags is a sneaky but useful way to generate searches I guess.


  5. Maxx Factor

    21 Apr 2015 User since 2014 Paris + 205 RP

    This search bar is like a multi purpose then?

  6. VPower

    22 Apr 2015 User since 2014 Los Angeles + 831 RP

    I like the idea of the search bar being multi-purpose for sure. This is very Soundcloud-like which is actually a good thing since people are very used to it.


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