Soundgine Builds Relationships with Record Labels

  1. 6 years ago

    Maxx Factor

    18 Apr 2015 User since 2014 Paris + 205 RP

    Just got this blog post update and it looks like the guys at Soundgine are not only busy building the music market but they are "building relationships" with record labels to hear our music :)

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    I guess I don't have to move to Los Angeles anymore after all <(^.^)>
    fantastic news.

  2. VPower

    18 Apr 2015 User since 2014 Los Angeles + 831 RP

    F*ck me sideways, damn.

    So basically Soundgine is using it's muscle to put our music in front of big labels and indie. Personally, I'm more excited to work with indie labels but that really is fantastic. I applaud the guys at Soundgine for looking wayyyy beyond the box to help us out. They are not just another beat store subscription service.

    That being said, I will not depend on these label connections, but it's nice we will be on their scope
    Hats off to you guys.

  3. Soundgine

    18 Apr 2015 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 22810 RP

    You guys are fast!

    Keep in mind there's no guarantees, but at least our charts will be seen every week as we send out bi- weekly reports to labels and talent executives. They like what we are doing and the way we are presenting your music.

    Building a great chart market platform in one thing, but what's the point of it if there's no eyes on it? Problem solved.

  4. VPower

    22 Apr 2015 User since 2014 Los Angeles + 831 RP

    It's like you guys are doing the marketing for us, lol. Are you guys pushing for more labels or do you just have an agreement with those selected labels.

  5. Soundgine

    22 Apr 2015 Administrator User since 2014 Los Angeles + 22810 RP

    We don't have "agreements" with any label, instead we send out a bi-weekly displaying what's hot and our top 100. Sure, they can go on the website anytime they want but it's not a guarantee that they will. Most of them expressed that they are not going to sift through all the music and they rather get a breakdown on what's hot.

    As for adding more labels, we are always to get more to our list.

    Remember, don't count on these labels going through Playce and buying. I'm sure they had their avenues of buying or creating music in-house before being introduced to us. So don't just upload your music and expect instant sales, market your music regardless.

    But at least now we have their attention.


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