Soundgine Really The Best Beat Player?

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  2. 3 years ago

    All Star

    12 Jul 2016 User since 2016 + 128 RP

    I've tried all the other beat stores and spent too much money doing it as well, lol. The worst one is Soundclick.

    Soundgine is no bullshit. Better player, better feature to aid in selling beats which is what matters.

  3. wellmein

    13 Jul 2016 User since 2014 + 187 RP

    Yes .

  4. Royal

    20 Jul 2016 User since 2015 San Diego California + 328 RP

    @wellmein' Yes .

    That sums it up perfectly.

  5. Elemental

    23 Sep 2016 User since 2016 San Diego + 162 RP

    Absolutely, especially with that spectrum graphic analyzer visual porn :)

  6. Breeze

    12 Nov 2016 User since 2015 London + 846 RP

    It really is the best! Not because I love looking at it, but because my customers love the store, it has the perfect balance of features and usability.

    Thank you so much' @Codemaker' and' @Soundgine' for making a superior store.

  7. Nuro

    30 Nov 2016 User since 2016 + 291 RP

    It's updates like these

    that keep me vested in them. It's not that they add features, but it doesn't look like a copy and paste job I see with other players.

  8. 2 years ago


    29 Apr 2017 User since 2017 California + 278 RP

    '@soundgine' all day. <(^.^)>

  9. _pm

    29 Apr 2017 User since 2016 + 582 RP
    Edited 2 years ago by _pm

    Hey ' @Poppinga' I think I remember you from DAT SCIENCE in Oakland

    California, small world eh? lol
    I've been on Soundgine for a few months with good results, how have you done?

  10. Poppinga

    29 Apr 2017 User since 2017 California + 278 RP

    :o OMG! That's crazy. That was a few years ago, you're memory is crazy good. It was my 3rd gig and loved the environment. Are you the guy up front wearing that crazy vest? XD

    Sales are terrific, but I've been slackin on the marketing front, everything has been on autopilot.


    Thanks' @_pm' for coming out that night. Not sure when or where but I have my schedule freed up to play some shows in July.' @Soundgine' is hosting one in Los Angeles.

  11. _pm

    29 Apr 2017 User since 2016 + 582 RP

    Am I really that easy to spot? Jesus. That was such a great night. Holy, you are really killing it. I really think the EDM scene is where the money is right now. Hope to see you at a show later this year

    Peace!' @Poppinga'

  12. Royal

    29 Apr 2017 User since 2015 San Diego California + 328 RP
    Edited 2 years ago by Royal

    I noticed that EDM has garnished more attention. Think it's time to add some of that to my portfolio.

  13. Jeffhawke

    8 Jan 2018 User since 2018 + 7 RP

    Being thankful and expressing my gratitude!

    Name is Efrian hope everybody is doing well my friends. Coming from other beat places I was not satisfied but Soundgine is dope and should have made the move over here sooner! I WONT shit talk other companies because this post isn't about that, but I will speak about results.

    My customers are responding positively to the new Hydra player **ROI IS UP!** and the subscriptions thing is a homerun. This is exactly how I want my 2018 to start.

    My only suggestion is you guys should advertise more, I only knew because a friend urged me to try you guys.

    Very impressed.

  14. CobraB

    9 Jan 2018 User since 2018 + 120 RP


    Best store I've used, no question.

  15. musicbox

    10 Jan 2018 User since 2014 Barcelona, Spain + 926 RP

    No doubt! Soundgine is on point especially lately.

  16. last year


    31 Jul 2018 User since 2016 Florida, USA + 545 RP

    Yup and these new updates make it the premier choice, I've had a few producers make the switch this week, can't wait to see what these major updates are. Not to add pressure, but hoping for VUE updates as well.

  17. DEVIZE

    1 Aug 2018 User since 2018 Qld, Australia + 574 RP

    yes, without a doubt. Beatstars suck balls

  18. fenixprod

    5 Oct 2018 User since 2018 Lithuania + 640 RP

    I'm a newcomer here and don't want disturb any peace or harmony in this friendly community... But, while I was researching old posts in this forum, I cough myself on one question...
    It seems that few years ago Soundgine was used by some popular Hip Hop producers (The Legion, Oxygenbeats and so on) ... But now, when I check their websites, 9 of 10 would be using Beatstars ...

    Why it is happening?!

  19. itbangz

    5 Oct 2018 Power Contributor User since 2016 + 1544 RP

    lets face it - ability to upload trackouts, traffic on marketplace, collabs, meetups

  20. ja809

    6 Oct 2018 User since 2018 Santo Domingo + 184 RP

    @itbangz' lets face it - ability to upload trackouts, traffic on marketplace, collabs, meetups

    But we have an advantage
    Just wait for the new update, they can't take all over the market
    Is not about a marketplace or famous producers
    all it's about on build your own fanbase and use your tools (Soundgine player or vue)

    That being said don't focus on other beatstores sales will come step by step but you need a plan for that
    if you don't have a plan you are dead..

    I'll show the results of my experiment soon, hopefully :)' @fenixprod' be patient this way is long..

  21. Tristan

    6 Oct 2018 User since 2015 San Francisco + 241 RP


    x 10000

    I'm a part-time developer for them and what they are doing is breaking down walls. All I can say is selling beats is only one part of the equation, think multi-store. It's a sh*t load of work but it's the future and they have a beta model of it, I'm trying to convince them to share it but releasing it so soon in an uncompleted state has its drawbacks.

    There are a few dozen other features they could be doing but this iteration of updates is infinitely more important for all of you.

    Be excited. B)

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