The "Godzilla" SEO Thread

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  2. 4 years ago


    9 Oct 2015 User since 2015 San Diego, California + 815 RP


    Just had to.

  3. Derrian

    9 Oct 2015 User since 2015 + 373 RP

    With Google always changing it's Algo how can one keep up?

  4. Marketron

    9 Oct 2015 User since 2015 San Diego + 223 RP


    You can spend your whole life chasing Google's algo but trust me, don't. It's similar to driving on the freeway and you see some fool going from lane to lane trying to get ahead only to end up behind you.

    Google has always looked for 2 things mainly.

    1. Original Unique Content. This means original text, doesn't have to be a lot of text.
    2. Bounce Rate. If you can get people to stay on your website longer than the next person, you will jump in rankings.

    You can go absolutely crazy watching SEO videos on Youtube so don't be that guy. Look, there are billions on webpages out there, it's a battle for 1st page no matter what unless your niche is "Pink Watermelons from Outer Space"

  5. OxygenBeats

    10 Oct 2015 Power Contributor User since 2015 + 3556 RP
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    @Derrian' With Google always changing it's Algo how can one keep up?

    Well, I'm not an SEO expert. But Search Engines are designed to bring up the most relevant stuff first. So, just make sure you develop a real community, grow popular, and stay relevant. I mean, sure there are little tricks here and there to give you little boosts. But for the most part, you just want to BE the type of site/business that people will want to find in a search. Just think about what people want and meet that demand. Obviously, any adjustments google makes to its algorithms is to ensure that consumers are getting results that they actually care about and find relevant. All the algorithms are doing is trying to quantify and calculate what things have the highest to lowest demand.

    In short, simply reverse engineer the issue. If you don't want to worry about having to learn and change everything every time a search engine has an update, simply BE THE DEMAND. I'd say that alone is 90% of the battle, and it doesn't matter what technical changes occur to an algorithm since they are always aiming to show the demand.

  6. musicbox

    20 Oct 2015 User since 2014 Barcelona, Spain + 923 RP

    '@OxygenBeats' Well said.

  7. Tristan

    18 Nov 2015 User since 2015 San Francisco + 238 RP

    This has to be ranked as one of the most helpful threads on this forum. I've started some micro blogs using many of these techniques with awesome success. One of the most powerful ways is to create external blogs pointing back to your website.

    The trick is not to make it spammy. Just be a professional about your craft, learn and then teach people for free without having people "sign up" for seminars and such.

    I went to a Google summit this year and learned there and scripts Google frowns upon. For example, if you have "lead pages" all over your website, you will be docked. If you have those "Social Locker" will be docked, and I mean docked as in going from Page 1 to Page 3 in search engines.

    Of course there's a threshold, meaning that if you have 1 capture page to get a name and an address, that's totally acceptable, but multiple scripts will dock your website.

    What Google does is send bots that scan your entire website and report back and let's their system know if your website has these types of scripts.

    Scripts that Google doesn't like includes:

    - Empower Network
    - Leadpages
    - Social Locker

    There are literally thousands, but these are the only ones I know of. The best way to go about this and not worry about dropping ranks or stunt your opportunity to rank for keywords is keep your website to ONE capture "call to action" script.

    Ask yourself, is my website spammy? You'll know deep down that it is.

  8. 3 years ago


    10 Feb 2016 User since 2015 San Diego + 223 RP
    Edited 3 years ago by Marketron

    Getting Effective Backlinks

    With all the hundreds of different techniques of gaining traffic there's still one that in my opinion trumps them all, and it's the industry related backlink. If you had a link from Apple Music, you would rank very high just because Apple is an authority website.

    Stop using automated tools that can get you delisted, bumped down in Google, or banned.

    The best links you can ever get is links from websites that are related to your field. So for you music producers out there, I would search Google for companies that sell VST's and offer some kind of link exchange with them.

    Make sure that the link they use for is the keyword you want to rank for example "buy beats online". Yes that is a generic link but you can always have it: "Yourcompany buy beats online"

    This will boost you in Google's SERP and get you more traffic. Now I mentioned VST websites, but there are lots more you can target.

    Dang, it feels good contributing to this thread :)

  9. 2 years ago


    19 Dec 2016 User since 2016 + 69 RP

    Solid thread! This pertains to 2017 as well.

  10. Dreamstar

    19 Dec 2016 User since 2014 Italy + 714 RP

    Can't believe that this thread is 2 years old. I followed some key points in this thread and has truly helped more than any campy e-book or other shady personal meeting with beat "authorities" which all they do is upsell you, bait and switch.

    Backlinks is very important to SEO even moving to 2017. VUE is a perfect system but you need them backlinks. Writing articles and submitting them to music blogs has been working out for me very well. More eyes equal more conversions.

  11. mixscape

    16 Jan 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 France + 2890 RP
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    '@Soundgine' About wordpress, if the keywords have already been taken what are the best alternative ?

    Just for example, lets say the keyword i want is "rap beats"

    Wordpress (free) allow me to register something like or or

    So, is this a problem if i take one of these domains or should i find another keyword so the url match it perfectly ?

  12. sontwisted

    16 Jan 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 Brooklyn NY + 2258 RP

    '@mixscape' key words can't be "taken" more than one site can rank for a keyword you just may have a lot of competition for that keyword from the other sites who are also trying to rank for it now if that domain name is taken then your out of luck and have to pick a different name you can still use the keyword though

  13. Deleted 2 years ago by mixscape
  14. mixscape

    17 Jan 2017 Power Contributor User since 2015 France + 2890 RP

    yeah i know the keywords cant be taken, but i have my reply. thanks.

  15. Blacksheep

    6 Feb 2017 User since 2016 Washington + 375 RP
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    SEO Tips for 2017

    I teach SEO and have done speaking engagements for a few Fortune companies, it's my 2nd love behind music. I wanted to share some tips you would never know worked. These SEO tips are not all directly related to your own www but may impact it indirectly.

    1. "Like" video and comments on Youtube. Google see's this as engagement and will bump you higher in Youtube's search algo. Always have your URL in the video description, not having it is a wasted opportunity.
    disliking videos and comments will not negatively affect your Youtube search results, but it also won't do anything to help.

    2. Create micro blogs that point to your own domain. Already talked about here

    3. Do not have your squeeze page stay on your page more than 10 seconds, Google will kill your pagerank, googlebots are very advanced and can surely tell. 7 seconds is a sweet spot.

    4. Check your spelling. Sounds stupid, but having misspellings will drop you down a few spacing in the Google search engine.

    5. Too many tabs. Google search favors minimal websites. Websites that have 15+ header tabs will be deemed as too confusing, that being said it's not a huge penalty. Websites like Apple get a pass, but if you have little content but have 30 header tab links, you will be docked.

    I have more, but I'm about to jump on a flight, just wanted to spread some knowledge on this great community.

    - Peace

  16. last year

    This is gold! So happy I signed up with Soundgine B)

  17. Tristan

    31 Jan 2018 User since 2015 San Francisco + 238 RP

    It's basically my playbook. It's a long ass thread but it has everything you need to know.

  18. fenixprod

    5 Oct 2018 User since 2018 Lithuania + 623 RP

    Hi friends! Greetings and thanks to all who been actively posting topics from 2015 here and sharing the knowledge. I hope that you are still doing successful business with music.

    It would be great to read some updates on 2018 or maybe some forecasts about SEO strategies (if they changed) for 2019 already. Please share the info once again.

    Blessings to you All!

  19. Tristan

    6 Oct 2018 User since 2015 San Francisco + 238 RP

    I'll post some tips when I get home from my flight :)
    But for the most part this thread is right on.

  20. fenixprod

    6 Oct 2018 User since 2018 Lithuania + 623 RP

    @Tristan' I'll post some tips when I get home from my flight :)
    But for the most part this thread is right on.

    Dear Tristan, thank you :) Hoping to read from you soon!

  21. Jonus

    13 Oct 2018 User since 2018 + 107 RP

    Creating helpful content that addresses your reader's specific problems is hands down the best SEO strategy as long as Google exists. Solve problems. Help people. This is what Google wants.

    For example, "How to add powerful bass lines to beats"

    Add a link to your product at the end of the article.


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