$22,500 in Sales So Far

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    Sound Variety

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    Got inspired by all the wonderful success stories I've been reading this morning! Thought I'd share mine as well and how I got to $22K in sales so far.

    I want to encourage producers who may be short on time, juggling a couple things but still want to make a nice income.
    Let me explain..

    Music production (selling leases / exclusives) is how I make my living but I'm also a...
    - Recording Artist (Flow, Sing, Perform, Write)
    - Author (Inspirational / Motivational Books)

    Since I split my time doing a few different things, I have to be more strategic with how I sell my instrumentals.

    Here are 3 main things that work for me.. (everyone's strategies are different, and this may or may not work for you.. but give it a shot if you want to shake things up)

    1.) Consistency with sending out news to email list - Whether you have a HUGE list of 20K or just a few hundred.. get in a rhythm with how frequent you send out your news content and be consistent. Don't spam people every 3 days but you definitely should be in communication with your customers more than once a month, otherwise they will forget about you. Always keep the content inside your emails FRESH. This means the images that you use, make sure they're clean. Be creative in your lingo. Shake things up... some eblasts are to encourage URGENCY to BUY TODAY, then others are more laid back when sharing a video tip, or a personal story that can connect you better to your customers needs. Variety is key. I tend to open emails from companies when I know there's always something fresh and new inside. Keeps me interested.

    2.) Professional Friendly Customer Service - Maybe it's the 10-12 years I spent in business to business/sales/customer support, but I thank my previous jobs for all that FREE training. Seriously, providing good service to my customers has brought me repeat customers and referrals. If someone has an issue with their order, downloading a beat, can't unzip, has a question regarding licensing, wants to know if we provide other services like songwriting, custom tracks, mixing, mastering, studio time... Whatever it is, the follow up is ASAP. I try to make it clear on the website I'M AVAILABLE TO HELP. I have the contact phone number listed on pretty much every page. I WANT to talk to artists because I am an artist too so I know how we think. If you look on my facebook page, there's testimonials that talk about our customer service being nothing short of excellent. How you treat people and respond professionally goes a looooooooong way, and folks remember that.

    3.) Making sure I'm in a HAPPY place - You may be thinking "What in the heck does that have to do with selling more beats??" but trust me, it has A LOT to do with my success as a producer. When I'm taking care of myself, everything else falls into place. This means getting enough sleep, meditating, eating good foods to stay energized and exercising so I'm feeling my very best. Constantly reading, and researching to learn new things to help advance me as a PERSON not just as a producer. Making time for friends and loved ones, sharing, giving, and helping others when able. All of these things keep me balanced, and then when I sit down to produce new music or promote, I'm JUICED. I'm in a GOOD place, a HAPPY place. I tend to keep drama and negativity Faaaaaaaaaaar far away. I believe beats carry a certain energy / frequency and you can feel it / sense it when listening. I'm all about positive vibes, and I believe the majority of my customers are pretty optimistic, trying to do something with their lives, focused on their goals. You attract whatever you put out.

    Hope this information helps! Of course you need to have
    - SG Account
    - Quality Beats
    - Creative Sound
    - Fresh Marketing & Promotion
    - Continue growing your email list
    - Continue making connections with artists
    - Build partnerships with music related sources etc.
    Just always remember to believe in yourself and work DILLIGENTLY - good things WILL show up.


  2. 80z

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    Such an inspiration post, you have no idea (well maybe you do) how helpful this post is. Not everyone is comfortable sharing personal data but showing that it's very possible to make a great income selling beats is very helpful.

    I'll be passing my 20k mark most likely next month and I can tell you that point #2 is so important. Responding professionally does go a very long way. I think I get most of my sales by being professional before making the sale (presales)

    Making sure you're in a happy place as you mentioned is so key.

    Congrats' @Sound Variety' looks like you are "zoned" in. This post should be pinned for awhile, so inspiring.'

  3. Soundgine

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    '@Sound Variety' Thank you so much for your quality and inspiring post!

  4. Sound Variety

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    Thanks' @80z' and congrats to you as well! Good point about "pre sale professionalism" too.. Keep putting in the work and wishing you even more success' @Soundgine' Welcome fam!

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    '@Sound Variety' Great post! Congrats!

  6. All Star

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    That's so awesome' @Sound Variety'
    Having ongoing sales is a great revenue stream.

  7. prodbearbeats

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    Thanks so much for posting' @Sound Variety' I'm working hard to make good relationships. Did you do a bunch of free work first with artists to get reputable or did you hold out?

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    She still have her player up, went to her website and didn't see anything.

  9. Griffin

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    It's a little hard to find on her website, but here it is


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