$10,000/month in revenue, 10,000 email subscribers, 10,000 followers

  1. 3 years ago

    Hey I recently hit a big milestone in my business - 10,000 email subscribers.

    I also recently hit 10,000 Instagram followers.

    And The Legion has generated $10,000/month in revenue every month in 2016 (except February which is a short month so that doesn't count lol)

    I'm kicking around the idea of launching a business based on helping other producers with marketing, and I thought the 10,000 or 10K idea was kinda cool. So I named the business 10K Producer.

    I made my first tutorial that shows one big part of how I grew my email list, followers and ultimately, sales. I'm posting it up for free for now and I'd love some feedback on what you think and if it has real value for you. Eventually, if it's something that really helps producers, I'll do more of these and figure out how to monetize it.

    The Soundgine community is definitely where I wanted to post this first since I knew you guys will give me some great feedback and there's no other group of producers I'd rather help out!

    You can check out the training at 10Kproducer.com

  2. sontwisted

    16 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2015 Brooklyn NY + 2335 RP

    im on it

  3. knocksquared

    16 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2014 Atlanta Ga area + 1249 RP

    I wonder if I can apply this to selling "Beat Tags". I am already number one on Google for Beat Tags but I want to grow 10,000 times as much..lol

  4. '@sontwisted' nice!

  5. '@knocksquared' You should be able to apply this to beat tags without a problem. Of course you'll be targeting producers instead of rappers and singers.

    The other thing to consider will be what your lead magnet is gonna be that you're offering producers to start them climbing up your value ladder like I talk about in the training.

  6. MessyBeat

    17 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2016 London, UK + 1872 RP

    Ay congrats' @ThisIsTheLegion' - im defo looking into this. Thanks

  7. Thanks' @MessyBeatz'!

    Please let me know how you like the training. I'd love some feedback on what was helpful and what can be improved.

  8. legendarybeatz

    19 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2015 + 1972 RP
    Edited 3 years ago by legendarybeatz

    '@ThisIsTheLegion' I really liked it. Once questions I have though is do you send follow-up emails? Or do you just leave it at the initial sign up and then send them updates on new beats?

  9. shonzybeatz

    20 Aug 2016 User since 2015 + 648 RP

    I just joined

  10. sontwisted

    20 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2015 Brooklyn NY + 2335 RP

    '@legendarybeatz' you have to send follow up emails thats the relationship building part give quality content and opportunities to purchase from you over a period of time 80% free valuable content 20% selling

  11. legendarybeatz

    20 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2015 + 1972 RP

    '@sontwisted' Yea, I know. I was actually interested in what type of content topics worked for' @ThisIsTheLegion' But yea definitely following up and building the relationship with your subscribers is definitely needed. One thing I was never sure of was, should the subscribers be able to preview beats before downloading? Also, should the free beats be from your catalog, or should it be from a "secret" stash.

  12. '@legendarybeatz' I send everyone who signs up through an automated follow up sequence. Just like' @sontwisted' mentioned, it's mostly valuable content for them. So I have some emails like "how to record quality vocals in a home studio," "how to use Youtube to promote your music," etc. Then work in some salesy stuff every once in a while.

  13. '@legendarybeatz' I don't let them preview the beats before signing up for the newsletter, but I'm curious how it would affect opt-in rates. Could be good! I might test it out and see what happens.

    I give them beats that are in my normal library. Sometimes people want to buy the exclusive rights or upgrade their lease for the free beats, so it's easy if they're beats that are posted in my store.

  14. legendarybeatz

    20 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2015 + 1972 RP

    Yea' @ThisIsTheLegion' . What type of content do you provide as the follow ups?

  15. '@legendarybeatz' here are a few of the email topics:

    Recording vocals at home
    Getting DJ's to play your music
    How to use social media (content vs selling)
    Mindset for success

  16. legendarybeatz

    22 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2015 + 1972 RP

    Hey, Thanks for that. My last question would be, how often do you usually send a follow-up? I had tried to do every week, but I started to run out of content. What are you're thoughts.

  17. '@legendarybeatz' For the first month or so I'm sending every few days, then after that about once a week.

    I try to add new emails to the sequence regularly, making it longer and longer.

    If you do one a week for a year, then you can have a 12 month follow up sequence! I'm not quite there myself, but I'm up to 20 emails or so.

  18. legendarybeatz

    23 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2015 + 1972 RP

    Thanks for that, I'll definitlely give that a try' @ThisIsTheLegion' . Another question, I'm picking your brain if you don't mind lol. I see that you are using vue, so in your follow-ups, are you forwarding your subscribers to your content on other social media platforms? Is it just emails with the content written out? Where are you sending them?

  19. No worries,' @legendarybeatz' I'm more than happy to trade ideas!

    Yep, since there's no blog, I just have the whole article or newsletter there. Then each one has a call to action that can lead to sales. For example, in the email about Youtube, I let people know I have a Youtube contest and give them a link to subscribe to my Youtube channel.

    I also make various offers for memberships and packages that I make in Clickfunnels. I love Clickfunnels and it's really helped me grow my business. It's basically a page builder, but designed for marketing and sales. If anyone signs up for Clickfunnels trial with my affiliate link - http://bit.ly/clickfunnels10k - I'll give you some of the templates to my offers so all you'll have to do is swap out the text and pictures.

  20. legendarybeatz

    23 Aug 2016 Power Contributor User since 2015 + 1972 RP

    Thanks' @ThisIsTheLegion' , I would love to use clickfunnels, but right now, I have to watch my spending. Are your membership and packages for instrumentals?

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