Total Market Plays


Ranking High On Playce

Ranking high on Playce will obviously be a priority for you so we will give you some information on how to consistently get favorable positions.
We cannot give you the exact formula to curb abusive but some of the factors involved are sales, likes, shares & plays

There are other factors involved, but the common ingredient for ranking well is to promote your music and have it heard. Our system will recognize your music playing on multiple websites and social media interaction.


Chart Points

We calculate every factor and total up “chart points” (sales, likes…etc) that recalculate on a daily basis. Obviously the more points you accrue the higher on the ranking you will go. As mentioned earlier, Playce runs on a “let’s play fair” system and nobody can buy chart points.



We want to have a fair system for everyone from superstar musicians and people that are just starting out. Everybody will have equal opportunity to rank well on our system and nobody can "buy" a higher ranking. Playce can detect the difference between a trending and popular track and paid likes and plays. If we find abuse on a particular track, we simply disregard the votes and do not dock in rankings in case a competitor wants to bury you in rankings, we got you covered.