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Becoming verified with Soundgine is an accomplishment that is only reserved for those that meet our criteria. Having the verified badge will identify yourself as a time tested well proven member. Below you will find the conditions of getting you approved. If you meet the criteria within our eco-system, the badge will appear automatically.


How To Become Verified

This is a privileged badge that have met our highest quality standards. There are currently 3 different ways to become a Soundgine verified member.


  1. Method 1: Remain a Soundgine member for 450 days. This will show us that you have successfully built and maintained your business for a significant amount of time.

  1. Method 2: Earn more than 3k in sales as a Soundgine member

  1. Method 3: Being a verified worthy artist doesn’t mean you have to prove it with us first but it does require you to submit proof of your accomplishments. We look if you have your domain name registered for the last 6 years, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube numbers

  1. Method 4: Being an active forum member is a way to share knowledge and help educate others. Gain 1K reputation points and earn your verified badge.


Why Become Verified

Many of our members are not verified yet and currently make decent to great sales and on their way. Being verified is just an extra layer of “trust” that customers can visually see.