Total Market Plays

If your music does well on our system, it will automatically trigger the appropriate badge. Not only are badges cool as heck, but it shows potential buyers of music that there is something extra special going on with your creation. To earn a badge simply market your music the way you would do to sell or move up the rankings. Below is a short explanation of some of the badges we offer.  



This badge is awarded for new music that has been played and liked a certain amount of times. If it's new and fresh it will unlock it.


  1. Your music can catch fire at anytime. A nice sale or a surge of likes and plays can trigger this badge.


  1. Tracks that are new and tearing up the charts but haven't hit the top 10 yet get the "Bombtrack" badge.


  1. The most sought after badge on Playce next to being #1 on the charts. Ninja Massacre means you absolutely did what few people do. The legend speculate it's a massive exclusive sale, others a combo of plays, likes among other things. Pull off this move and get your month free.




  1. There's is definitely a few more badges you can unlock, if you see a badge on your track simply mouse over it for an explanation of your accomplishment. Market your music hard and get the recognition you deserve.