Mr. Owl and Lord Vulture aka Death From Above is an underground hip-hop production team born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. Much can be said for their dedication to the craft — with musical influences such as RZA, DJ Muggs, Havoc, and Alchemist to name a few. Signature, haunting samples, deep bass lines, and hypnotic beats create theme music for the block. Death From Above takes the purist sensibilities of 90's East Coast hip hop and forges it with the production techniques of the future to make it their own.DTA’s music is undeniably ‘underground’ in sound – but it refuses to be stuck in the past, there is a certain grimy edge and originality to their music that can attract both fans of the golden era, as well as the new generation of underground street MC's.For Death From Above, hip hop music is about creating the sound bed that inspires MC's to create timeless music that pulls the listener into a world that intrigues, entertains, and scares at the same time.Death From Above, The Leaders Of Grimy, Underground Sample-Based Hip Hop Music

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