Soundgine's New Power Admin

Brains Before Beauty Right?

Our completely revamped admin panel is packed with major and useful upgrades and above all, it's extremely user friendly so you can jump right in and start.

Admin Panel Euphony


new admin panel for Euphony

Admin Features List.

  • Multiple Music File Uploads
  • Drag & Drop Re-order
  • Mutiple Price Changing
  • Customize Bulk Deals e.g., (Buy 3 get one free) (Buy 3 for $100)
  • Top 10 Plays Dashboard
  • Custom Genre
  • OGG Conversion
  • Paypal, 2checkout & Payment Gateways
  • Linked Downloads (For Huge Filesizes)
  • Currency Conversion (USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, CAD, JPY, MXN)
  • Facebook Layout Control
  • Custom Player Design
  • Custom Spectrum Animation Color
  • Custom Scrollbar and Ticker Colors
  • Voicetag (Watermark Input)
  • Change the Names of "Lease, Premium, Exclusive, & Drumkits" located on the player to anything you want.
  • Discounts
  • Album Art Management
  • Much More!


Drag and Drop Rearrange Tracks

Organize Your Tracks Easily.

    Placement of your tracks is very important so we give you the power to easily move tracks in any order easily.



Direct Access to Customize Players

    Want to change the look of the player to match your website? Sure you do. Now you can do just that by uploading a graphic and using a color picker to change certain elements of the player on the fly. You're an artist, now let's see how you mod your player! More Info

    Add color to Euphony



Quick Click

Smart Mobile & Tablet Detection

    With Soundgine, the days of seeing black spaces or empty spaces where the flash player is located are gone. From now on a customizable image will overlay the flash player for mobile users with a hyperlink that goes directly to your mobile player. No longer will your customers see empty spaces on your website.

    Flash to HTML5 Hyperlink

    A default image is included, but you can create and upload your own image.

quick settings access

Admin Panel Settings




Top 10 Played Tracks.

View your Top 10 performing tracks at a glance.

Top 10 Beats


Paypal, 2checkout & Authorize.NET Ready.

Soundgine is the only system that can handle multiple payment gateways. Increase sales by offering multiple payment methods at checkout.

Of course you can just use your Paypal account, but if you ever want to add a real credit card processor, Soundgine is ready. Learn more.


Upload Mutiple Tracks at Once

Save yourself time and upload multiple tracks. The days of uploading one track at a time is now over.




Sell Music Online.

Automatically sends tracks, embed on social media websites, Any genre music.View full features list here.

Embed It!

Embed players on popular websites like Soundclick, Facebook, Myspace, & your own website.

PP / CC Ready

Integration with your Paypal account. The only beat store on the market with both Credit/Debit cards and Paypal together.

Get The Player

Want the player now? Sign Up with Soundgine and start uploading your music today!


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