A powerful admin panel with smart productive features.

Quickly see your stats and access all your controls to drive your player, website and special features. Jump in and take control.

Connected to the best services.

Once you upload your beats, you’re ready to sell them on mobile devices and desktops. Your music will also be included in our music market for the public to purchase. We take 0% commission and you get paid instantly, it’s that simple.

Free responsive mobile ready website.

Free customizable responsive website full of features with VUE! Transfer your domain name over and stop paying for hosting fees. Your website is designed to work amazingly with desktop and mobile devices with the beat store already built-in. Of course, this is purely optional, you can simply embed the player in your existing website.

  • Desktop
  • Mobile

Desktop ready players that are ultra fast

Choose between 3 different players that range from HTML5 to Flash. All of our players have been tested to run perfect across all browsers and operating systems. Our extremely powerful admin panel controls all your settings from uploading music, payments, player customization, and much more.

Keep 100% profit. Zero hidden fees.

Your monthly subscription covers everything including features and updates.

You deserve 100% payouts.

Other systems nickel and dime you but we have a much simpler approach, your subscription price covers everything with no chance of your rate ever going up. Keep 100% of all transactions including the marketplace. Money exchange goes directly from the buyer to you instantly, we do not hold your funds or take out a percentage.

Ready for Wordpress.

Embed your player on any Wordpress website. It’s as simple as copy and paste. Soundgine players are compatible on all versions of Wordpress.


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Embed Anywhere.

Truth is you can embed our players anywhere including static or responsive websites, Facebook, Soundclick, and anywhere that accepts iframe codes.


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