• Are All Players Included with My Subscription?

    Yes! Hydra, M7, Pods & Mobile Players are ALL included in your subscription. That's right, the entire suite is at your fingertips for just one price.

  • What Can I Sell On The Player?

    The players is the most advanced yet easy to understand player giving you the ability to sell beats, singles and albums. Of course you don't have to sell using all those options, you can just sell beats. With tab name customizations, you can rename "Albums" to "Soundkits" and sell soundkits alongside beats. You have tons of flexibility.

  • Who Can Use Soundgine?

    If you have any music to sell, then Soundgine awaits you. We mean any music type. Soundgine allows any musician, producer to sell music online which includes selling singles, albums, and beats. You can choose to sell only albums, only singles, only beats or all three at the same time! Bottom line, Soundgine is for everyone.

  • Does It Come With A Free Website?

    Yes! This is an exciting new feature called VUE. If you don't have a website or you are just not happy with yours, you can use your own customizable website free! This isn't an ordinary generic website, it's a responsive layout with customizable sections such as header image, logo, built in email form, email capture and so much more! You can even transfer your domain to VUE and throw away that hosting bill of yours. More information on VUE Here.

  • How Do I Set Up My Player? I'm Not a Coder

    Soundgine subscribers have automatic hosting for the player. All you have to do is enter in some details during sign-up like a username and the rest is automated on our end. There is no setup required on your end which is the beauty of the subscription service. Installation of the player is also automatic with the subscription service, and all updates will be applied when they are released. You will be given your embed codes to place on your own website. You will have to have your own hosted website to place the codes in.

    Basically all you need to do is copy and paste a code to your page and your player will appear on your website, we take care of all the other technical details.

  • Do You Charge for Player Setups?

    Not one penny. Your mobile player is setup automatically and there are no hidden charges or future fees associated with your subscription.

  • Can I Customize The Player?

    Absolutely, you can customize all of players especially our M7 model. Being able to change the theme and colors to individual sections of the player is important to your individuality and brand.

  • Where Do I Upload My Music?

    You upload your music on our secure servers. Soudgine comes with an admin panel that takes care of everything from uploading, editing, deleting tracks. When you subscribe with Soundgine, the system automatically creates your admin panel and given instant access.

    We also have built in scripts that we developed to stop illegal downloading. Although nothing is 100% secured, we stop a great majority by blocking access to well known browser add-ons that can download music in a click of a button.

  • Sure, But How Much Does It Cost?

    Soundgine subscription service is $20 a month and covers hosting for the player, installation, and any future updates. Never pay for player setup, everything is automatic and mantained for you. There are no limits to music uploads. All you can "eat" for $20

  • I Don't Have Paypal, Can I Still Use Soundgine?

    Absolutely. Soundgine can use multiple merchants such as 2Checkout.com and Authorize.net to receive payments. More Info

  • How Often Do You Update Soundgine's Players?

    All the time. We have coders in house that are constantly updating, upgrading scripts, adding popular features, and constantly listening and collaborating ideas from music producers to make Soundgine stay on top of the game. Normally we make small updates 3 times a week and release major upgrades every month.

    We're basically like you...very little sleep :)

  • Are The Players Automated?

    Yes, after a purchase customers get a secure download link that expires after 48 hrs. Also, if you are offering free track downloads customers will be able to download them via download link as well. Links are secure.

  • Examples of Websites Using Soundgine's Players?

    View a few real active demo's of customers currently using the Soundgine system here.

  • What Other Features Does Soundgine Have?

    We have so many, but we highlighted some major features here.

  • Sounds Good, But Need More Convincing

    Study up. With all kinds of players and websites splashed on the web it's hard to make a decision. We feel that we give you the edge on other cheaper and outdated systems. We stand strong on the principles of support, quality, and innovation. Soundgine is constantly updating while other companies may have updates in very low frequency.  More Info.


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