2Checkout and Authorize.net

Who Are They?

2checkout and Authorize.net are great compliments to Paypal (But purely optional. Soundgine can run on your Paypal account only), plug in your details in your Soundgine admin panel and start accepting credit cards without having people sign up with Paypal. This is optional and can sell beats using Paypal only. Signing up with either 2checkout or Authorize.net is your responsibility. It is only necessary to sign up with only one credit card solution: 2checkout or Authorize.net. Soundgine can run two systems at the same time (Paypal + (2Checkout OR Authorize)

But Paypal Already Takes Credit Cards?

They do, but what many people don't realize is that Paypal sometimes requires users to create an account before they can even use their card. This happens for different reasons including a credit card that has been used to make a big purchase recently, private banks, or location of the card holder. In either case, forcing the user to create a Paypal account can be a turn off. This is the reason why we created Soundgine with the ability to handle real credit card transactions. This is where 2checkout and Authorize.net comes in.

Running only Paypal can be risky. They have been known to cause issues with chargebacks plus they can limit your account at any time if they think there is a problem with any activity on your account. This will leave you and your business in a bad position. This is why we built Soundgine to run both Paypal and another system like 2checkout or Authorize.net


Do I Have to Sign-Up?

No, this is purely optional. You can have Soundgine players can run on Paypal only if you wish. 2Checkout and Authorize.net are for people that want to offer multiple checkout options. This is a great way to increase sales but again, purely optional. The choice is yours but feel good knowing Soundgine can handle multiple payment gateways if you need it.


How Much Does It Cost To Sign-Up?

Fee's do apply when signing up with either 2checkout or Authorize.net. These types of accounts have transaction fee's and in some instances a setup fee. Please visit each website and find out what the current fees are.

2checkout.com / Authorize.net


How Does It Connect with Soundgine players?

When you sign-up with either 2checkout or Authorize.net you are given codes. Simply add these codes to your Soundgine admin panel and you are good to go. No coding required.


Will This Increase Sales?

Anytime you offer multiple ways to pay you naturally increase your chances for increased sales. Our study concludes that out of every 10 purchases, at least half of the purchases were made with a debit/card straight without going through Paypal. So by providing both Paypal and a real credit card gateways you are definately increasing your chances for more sales.



Do You Assist In Getting These Accounts?

No. Soundgine players are ready to work with 2checkout, Authorize.net and Paypal but it is your responsibility to sign-up and create these accounts. Once you have created your accounts, you are given tokens, codes, and account numbers you can plug into Soundgine easily. Please take the time and learn about each program before you make a decision.

Not sure which one to choose between Authorize.net and 2checkout.com?

Authorize.net is a third party processor while 2checkout is a payment gateway. If you are in the United States and processing an average of $1000 a month, 2co might be your best option. If you are doing more than that, Authorize.net might suit you better. Please visit both websites and learn and pro’s and con’s to each company.

2checkout.com / Authorize.net / Paypal





Increase Sales
Increase Sales by 30% Or More

Offering multiple payment options is an effective way to increase sales. We monitored sales on Soundgine players armed with both Paypal and Card Card gateway and found that in average, 7 of 10 people bought music using a credit card/debit card instead of Paypal.

Basically 70% of the people buying music used a gateway other than Paypal. Our user response also showed that 30% of the people purchasing wouldn't have bought music if the only method was Paypal. Some people don't want to be bothered with opening a Paypal account just to buy a beat, others reported that Paypal needed the user to create a Paypal account in order to buy via credit card and simply and decided not to go through the process.

By providing the user to simply use a card from their wallet to make a purchase, you naturally increase the rate of sales. It’s smart business and Soundgine provides you the system to use it.



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